Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Weekend!!

Alright here's what Chaz knows! He knows we are landing in Outlaw Field. He knows our families are going to be there and Demetria will be there snapping pics and Nick Steward will be there to welcome him for the city of Clarksville. Also we've charged Nick with the task of helping our parents get to the field on time. And that's it!!!!! The man is clueless, he he he!!! Last weekend I got to help surprise him with his computer and this weekend I get to surprise him with this!!! He may never trust me again after this weekend! ;)

I cannot wait to land! This is going to be one of the most exciting days of our lives. I cannot wait for our little girls to see how many people are there to support their Daddy. This will be a memory they will carry for the rest of their lives. They will know what community is all about. We have always tried to instill the value of giving and supporting your community through our actions. I believe this will top anything Chaz and I could tell them about. We all know that actions speak so much louder than words. The community support we are receiving will not only teach this lesson to our girls, but to the other children and even adults.

I could just burst with pride from all the people who are supporting our family. It is so amazing! We never knew how many lives we touched until this happened. The support is what continues to drive us forward everyday. This experience could be absolutely horrible, but instead we have hundreds of cheerleaders routing us on. So we get up everyday and just keep pushing forward towards our goal.

Saturday will mark another big milestone for us. Finally Chaz gets to be in his home and in his bed and enjoy some calm and quiet. I know I am looking forward to having the three people I love the most in our home so I can cook in my kitchen and have meals at our table for almost 30 days. We do not know when we'll get to return to TN so we are going to enjoy our time at home. We know the month will fly by. One of the first few days of July, we will return to DC and see what other check points Chaz needs to meet for us to go home for good.

On Sunday we will travel to Nashville to attend the fundraiser. This fundraiser is simply amazing!! How did this man, Jason Conner, who we don't know make all this happen for us?! It is just incredible. Jason got to us through my friend Jeanne, who works at the girls' school. That's how we are connected. But we have never met him, never shook his hand, might not be able to identify him in a line up (as of today, that all changes Saturday). He just heard about our need and then just ran with it. He has thrown everything he has into this for us and it is simply amazing! The words "Thank you" will never be enough. What an incredible person he is?! We are so thankful for his passion and drive to help us through this.

I could seriously write all day about the incredible people who have been amazing. But my biggest fear is that I would leave someone out. I know you are all supporting us out of pure love and pride. We are so thankful for you all. I know you are all like me. You do not do what you are doing for a pat on the back. You do it, because it is what needs to be done. That is probably what we appreciate the most. You guys are amazing!

Thank you for making our first weekend home absolutely amazing!!! I cannot wait!! I bet I won't sleep at all Friday night! This is like every holiday rolled into one with a gigantic bow on it just waiting for us to rip it open! Can you burst from joy?! I guess I'll find out?!
Have a great day!!!
=) Jessica

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