Friday, June 3, 2011


Why do we have to look at everything with such negativity? Are we really such a cynical society that we have to ridicule and criticize everything. Why is so hard to believe Chaz, the girls and I are doing so well? Why does everyone keep looking for the bottom to fall out? Why is it so hard to accept that we have accepted what life has given us?

This whole thing is so simple. We are so happy that Chaz is still with us. We grow from that joy. It is that simple, folks. Hope, love and joy grow from the simplest seeds. We are smiling and happy because we have so much to be grateful for. Why do people feel like we need to drown in sorrow? Ok we get it, he has no legs below the knee and his arm may be permanently fused. That is no reason to walk around all pitiful and mopey. We have the most important parts. We have Chaz's spirit, memory and heart. We can heal with that alone. The legs are being replaced. We will deal with the arm when the time is right. God has great things in store for us. He has already revealed some of them and there will be more we know it. He has the right people set on this journey to help guide us through. We have enough faith, hope and love to get through this journey. We are set for a path of success.

Yes we are perfectly aware that our road is very long and difficult. But we chose to face it head on with smile on our faces. Chaz, our girls and I are a powerful team and with our gazillion cheerleaders, we will leave a everlasting footprint behind. So those of you who don't understand, please just stop trying. Just smile and move on, we have. God will help you understand one day. In the meantime, keep you pessimism to yourself. This is a no-negative, no-pity, happy tears only team here. We are going to great places. Only those with the right attitude need to join us!

Have a great day!!! If you don't do anything else smile at someone today! They may need it!
=) Jessica

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