Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Night Out At Carmine's

Aleethia is an organization ran by some Veterans that is absolutely amazing. They coordinate these Friday night dinners for the wounded warriors and their families. We decided to join them last night and go to Carmine's. We had no idea where we were going, but we were up for the fun. We are both so glad we went!

We showed up at 5 and they had a bus for the guys to just wheel up on and lock their brakes and ride (which is awesome by the way) and then of course seats for us "leg-walkers." We arrived at Carmine's and were greeted by so many people I have no idea who was staff, people walking by, no clue, but they were all awesome. (Remember I am pushing Chaz in his manual chair the whole time). Then they show us into the restaurant and the entire place erupts in cheers and applause and they were all waving American flags. There had to be 300 plus people in there so it was a little loud, but it was really cool. I could have cried from the patriotism. It was simply awesome.

Then we go to our seats. We sat down to baskets of bread and then the food started and then just kept coming. They served us salad, manicotti, spaghetti with marinara, some type of Italian shrimp, chicken with lemon butter sauce, eggplant parmigiana, some type of spinach dish and then platters with 10 different desserts on them. It was insane and I mean that in the best way. The service was incredible. The staff was so kind and every other dish we got clean plates so we didn't mix the flavors.They gave you a plate, put everything out in front of you and then you pigged out!

Before dessert arrived they got up and spoke for a little bit. We found out that Darcars we responsible for our dinner and had Aleethia invite us. Darcars gave us all cinch sacks with Dunkin Donuts gifts card (there's one in the hospital) and tins filled with Chex mix that one of the CEOs made herself. She sat at our table and ate with us and was so nice. Then they had a door prize drawing and Chaz won an ipod shuffle. They gave 2 of them away and then executive suite tickets to the hockey playoffs coming up. Cool thing was all of those went to soldiers at our table!! We were rocking last night. Then they passed us all cupcakes from Georgetown cupcakes (which you'll know them from the TV show DC cupcakes).

Aleethia also heard Ryann's birthday is coming up and they brought us a gift for her. Can't give that one away yet! They want to take us to the Aquarium to see the Stingrays when the girls are here next weekend. And will even provide the transportation to make it easier for us. Turns out they love kids! They cracked me up last night. We had such a great time, we already RSVP'd for next Friday when the kids are here!!

If you get a sec, check out and read a little more about these awesome folks!
Have a great day!
=) Jessica

Thursday, April 28, 2011


As humans change is the one thing we fear the most. When this all started, I know I was scared to death. I thought to myself several times, "How are things going to change?" I wondered if Chaz would remember me, the kids, family, friends, everything. On January 23rd, the day after his injury, I literally walked around our house and tried to figure out how the house needed to be changed to fit Chaz's needs. Then I started thinking about everything I could change to help him and I hit a wall. I realized I had to idea what I was doing. I worried so much on my first plane ride to DC that the next morning when I woke up my forehead was sore. So there you go, scientifically proven it takes more muscles to frown than to smile.

My life has changed many times over the years and I remember being afraid until I let go of that fear and just went with my gut. As I reflect I realize I wouldn't be who I am without all of those changes. I am thankful for every adversity, every battle, every argument, all of it. I wouldn't change anything. I would not be this strong is God hadn't put me through the struggles.

I have learned so much since January 22nd. I have learned my husband is even more amazing then I ever knew. I have learned we have some pretty great kids. I have learned that I am blessed with an incredible family and support system of friends. I have learned a lot more about the Army. I have learned how much we "leg walkers" (Chaz's term) take for granted. I have learned how to think ahead when we go places. I have mastered so many new skills that I never wanted to learn how to do, but I do them. I have never wanted to be a nurse, but I am getting pretty darn good at it.

So last night one of those changes hit us. For all these years, to fall asleep I would touch Chaz's foot and then poof I would rack out. People who know me best know I am not a huggy person, nor am I touchy feely. I am a this is my space, this is yours kind of person. Those rules of course don't apply to my hubby and kids. I am becoming more of a huggy person thanks to all of this. People have just been so awesome that I just can't help myself. So last night I'm stretching out and I was looking for his foot. Obviously I didn't find it. Once I realized what I was doing I broke into laughter. Of course Chaz looks at me with this yep she lost it look. I told him what I was laughing about and then he laughed too. Old habits are hard to brake and I've looked for those feet for 12 years now, it's going to take a minute to adjust.

I know Chaz may have lost his legs, but God is going to bless us for that loss. I know God never takes something away without replacing it with something great. It is just too easy to focus on what we've lost. But when you reflect on what you have it is amazing how what you've lost becomes so trivial. But you have to choose where to direct your focus. If you focus on what you've lost then you'll continue down a negative path and will eventually self-destruct. I feel life is easier focusing on the positive.
I am not perfect, of course I've had my pity parties, I have cried over the most random things. I want to know why my hubby had to lose his legs. I want to know why to a lot of things. But rather than sitting around asking God with anger "why did you do this? Or why us? I sit and ask alright what do you have in store for us? I believe we will come out more victorious then ever. I don't know when, but I know it's coming.

Have a great day and thanks again for all of your support!
=) Jessica

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Meeting With The General

First let me explain. I met General Colt at a 101st family pow-wow meeting at WRAMC last month. He's the one who I told I don't have problems, I solve them. Later that day he found us at the MATC and asked if I had any time that I could meet with him while I was in TN. Dick Winters then said, "Well of course she does." And I don't believe I could have told him no. So I called and got my appointment in for April 25.

The meeting went very well. I discovered he wanted to meet with me because he heard he'd get an honest, inside opinion of how things are at WRAMC. He wanted to meet me without all the other people around (Army folks at WRAMC). He also said he had heard a lot of good things about me and wanted to sit down and just get to know me better. He said he had heard that I wasn't like any other Army wife and he just had to get one on one time with me. He wanted to know if I needed anything. To which I replied, "Yes I need Chaz to be in Nashville on June 5 for this fundraiser and I need him home for our girls' recital." I have been told that it will happen.
I am so glad I got to tell him how awesome Chaz's doctors, nurses, therapists, PAs. NPs and staff have been. I also got to brag on our LNOs. Chaz and I wouldn't be this far without them all and we are so thankful. I am so glad I could share that with him. He needs to know his soldiers are in excellent hands.
So we're sitting there and the General just looks at me and I finally asked him if there was a problem. He said, "Absolutely not, I have just never met anyone like you. You are just so determined. You don't hate the Army. You're smiling. You've been dealt a huge blow and you are just moving right along." I told him that Chaz and I have two little girls who are watching our every move. When this is all done we want them to be proud. We want them to say look what happened to our family and my dad and mom just rocked right along. He said there's no way the girls couldn't be proud of us. He said he's proud of us and just met us. He's proud we're a 101st family. He also asked me where do I get my energy and happiness. And then he said I bet you've been told you were in denial or shock and I laughed. I told him you have no idea. I told him all of this comes from my faith. Chaz tells me I have enough faith to share, which I totally believe. I told the General that I don't know how others get through life without faith, much less how do they get through this situation. God has put Chaz and I through several storms together. But during those storms we held onto each other and just let it pass and God has always been there when it is over. We have been blessed again and again. We are being blessed as we go through this journey and we'll continue to be blessed as we move forward. God will see us through. When you just put your faith in him, he just makes it all work out. We also remember we are victors, not victims. There's a reason for all of this happening and one day we'll find out what that is. As long as we stay focused on that we will be fine.
He asked what do I want to see out of all if this. I want three things. One I am going after the Warrior Transition Brigade at WRAMC. Last week I threatened to slam a guy's head into the wall. (Oh yes I did, I have a witness. I haven't threatened anyone in a long time, it was nice to unleash some anger.) I was later told by our LNOs that it was the funniest and most well deserved butt chewings they had ever witnessed. The General is also tracking this. He agrees something needs to be done. I need a place to channel this anger and I need a new mission. So WTB here I come, I hope you are ready, because we are going to have some fun!!
Second I want financial education put into the soldiers' basic training and throughout their career. Most of these guys have no idea what to do with their money and have to declare bankruptcy before they are 30. Which is a huge embarrassment and can be prevented with education. Don't get me started on the lack of financial education in our country. I will not get off of that soap box.
Third I think wives should be educated on the possiblities of how this can effect your family. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but in the Army you need to know the protocol. Chaz and I have been doing this for years, so I got this! But these new wives are clueless! I showed up at WRAMC with all my POAs and way too much, but I don't play around with the Army. Can you imagine how overwhelming this would be to a new wife?!
The General had to go and greet a flight of soldiers back from deployment. He assured me this is not our last meeting and I feel it won't be either. He also assured me he and Chaz will be at the fundraiser, he'll help me make that happen if necessary. He said he is very much looking forward to the fundraiser. All I can say is the 101st is in great hands. General Colt is the leader our soldiers need. I have a feeling the Allens will have a long lasting relationship with the Colts and this is a great thing. I am so thankful that God made this connection happen.
Have a great day!
=) Jessica

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great News!!

So while Chaz was having his IVC filter removed yesterday, I got to talk to a bunch of people and get some great stuff done for us! But first let me explain the filter. Chaz had a minor blood clot back in February. The doctors put the filter in to help reduce the chances of another one. Time has passed and he shows no reasons for them to keep it in, so out it came! Wahoo!!! It was probably his easiest surgery yet!

So he's gone and I begin hunting down the people I need! There are some ADA compliant apartments here in Maryland that the Army's WTB (Warrior Transition Brigade) and several non-profits (list will come out once I get all the details) provide FREE of charge for Wounded Warrior families. There's a process to get one (hello, this is the Army) and with the help a awesome new friend (thanks, Shauna Verra) I learned how to get our name in the hat. We should be moving in late April/early Mayish!!!!! Chaz and I are so excited!!

The Fisher House is wonderful, but now we will have a place of our own to begin our next chapter in healing our family. Please know I am still doing the Pampered Chef fundraiser and I promise all of the PC products will get to the Fisher Houses. You have my word!

Now these apartments are furnished with furniture and such, but I will make them more like home with a few shopping trips. Chaz had to reign me back in last night. I was shopping online for bedding and such for the girls! I am just so excited that we are ready for this next chapter. When he first got here, it seemed so far away and now here we are!! Also the doctors said Chaz wouldn't be outpatient until June or July and look it's April and they are talking May!!! He would already be out if he didn't have that lump come up on his back. He had a cyst removed (you'll remember that surgery weeks ago) and upon further testing they discovered it was e-coli and MRSA. He now has to have IV antibiotics everyday for a few more weeks, then we're FREE!!! (This is where you here Mel Gibson in Braveheart screaming "FREEDOM")

I am also scared to death. I am about to permanently combine my worlds. I know we will make it work, but I am very nervous. There are so many little details to figure out before and I can only imagine the little details that we aren't aware of yet! But regardless, we will rock it out!

You can check out our new digs at when you get a chance. We are walking distance to so many things and to the Metro. Poor Chaz, he knows adventure time in DC is coming! He married a Political Science and History major after all and we're in DC!! I am so excited for our family. We are going to have so many awesome adventures while we're here. We are going to seize every opportunity and love every minute of it.

Thanks again for your prayers and support! We wouldn't be where we are now if it wasn't for all of you!
Go Team Allen!!!
=) Jessica

Monday, April 18, 2011


This morning a few numbers just came across my mind.
85- days since this all began
112 (and still counting)-That's how many tax returns I have done this year in the midst of my every other week schedule.
4-That's how many pairs of New Balance tennis shoes I have purchased, thanks to the concrete floors of the hospital. My feet were totally not prepared for that one.
13 (and still counting)- That's how many plane rides I have been on with more to come. That would also be the same amount of times I have been to Nashville and Ronald Reagan Airports.
100- thank you cards arrived last weekend, so one day I can begin to send our thanks to all of the incredible people who have helped us on this journey.
2-that's how many pant sizes I have lost. I don't believe in having scales, so I don't know how many pounds I have lost. And I don't care! I look and feel great and that's all that matters. Chaz's OIC said I'm one of the first wives to lose weight in the midst of this. The other day he told me that I didn't need to lose, but I look great. He also said he doesn't get to say that to the wives that often.
200 plus (and still counting) cups of Chai!
6-boxes of over the counter allergy medication to survive spring in two different areas.
2 (and still counting)-that's how pairs of legs Chaz has been through so far!
2- That's how many wheelchairs Chaz has.
4- hospital beds (that I remember)
4- The number of hospitals he has been in since Jan 22.

I lost count a long time ago how many surgeries, ultrasounds, CTs, X-rays and blood transfusions Chaz has been through. I don't think I really want to know. I think that might depress me a little. I also don't count the meds, shots and wound care changes I've done. All of those numbers would be high. But I do know he currently takes 13 pills and a shot between 8 and 10pm, I have to count those all out every night.

Isn't it crazy to actually sit down and think about these things?! One thing is for sure Wounded Warrior Wives go through a lot. These numbers just skim the surface of what goes on in our world. I am so thankful that we have become friends with the 2 other strong families on our ward. Between the 3 of us, we gals get a lot done and we are great sources of information for each other. I am so thankful to be supported by these incredible women, the awesome hospital staff and our 101st family. I am also thankful for all of you! You raise us up with your energy and prayers!
Thank you!
=) Jessica

Saturday, April 16, 2011


You know what is so amazing?! God created the world, the heavens and skies. He gave us his only Son. And yet he finds time to listen to all the prayers to lift up our family and heal us. He can put us through a horrible tragedy, but still show us the light. Our God is an awesome God for sure.

I have come to realize the people who don't know us really think we're crazy. They just don't understand how Chaz and I can be so happy. It is really simple. Chaz is still alive. In 2005-06, Chaz went to Iraq. During that time span, he lost over 30 guys. Do you know what it's like to go to memorial after memorial and hug wife after wife and watch people cry and cry because the soldier they love is now gone forever? Well I know that feeling very well. Chaz and I can be this happy simply because he's still here. It is that simple.

Chaz's friend McSwain stepped on an IED in June 2006. Just like Chaz he was on a dismounted patrol. Just like an infantry soldier, walking along and unfortunately took that last step. Their youngest child is 2 months younger then Ryann, our youngest. I have never forgotten seeing his wife at the memorial holding their little baby and being thankful that it wasn't my turn. To me, nothing is worse then survivor's remorse. The feeling of I am so sorry for you, but thank God it's not me, is horrible. You can't blame yourself for feeling that way it is perfectly natural and completely understandable. I know some of you may feel that way towards Chaz and I and please know it more than OK. We've been where you are and we are where you are. Everyday we encounter a soldier whose injuries are worse than Chaz's. He and I have those thoughts when this occurs.

One of the best things about Chaz's accident, is that the IED only injured Chaz. No one else was injured when he detonated the IED. If someone else had been hurt or even killed by that IED, we would have a big hurdle to get over. But it was just Chaz so he didn't have to climb that hill. He was absolutely shocked when I told him he was the only one. I had to tell him multiple times, "I promise you were the only one." It took a while for him to digest the fact it was only him.

Chaz and I have many reasons to be happy. First, God blessed us with each other and then blessed us with 2 great kids. Second, God put us through various struggles over our lives so we would be ready for this one. Third, God blessed us with these amazing friends, doctors, PAs, NPs, nurses, techs, staff and Army personnel to help us get through this. Fourth, Team Allen itself is absolutely amazing. There are so many more things to be thankful for. We have a very long list. We choose to have that list. We celebrate that list everyday.

Chaz and I are choosing to be victors not victims. What happened to us truly sucks! It sucks in the worst way. But you have choose your path. you can sit down and whine or you can get up and thank God you can see, then thank him you can breathe, and smell and taste and move your fingers and toes around and once you start with the small things then big things are even bigger and the battle just doesn't seem as bad. This is what I do everyday. I thank God that I am still here. I thank him I can be with my little family for one more day. I am thankful I have the important parts of my hubby. He may have lost his legs, but to me those are the easiest parts to replace. I am not trying to downgrade the severity of the situation. I am simply being thankful that I still have Chaz, my Chaz, the man I fell heads over heels for, the man I want to grow old with is still here. He has two arms to hold his girls with and we are getting him up on those "Lt Dan" legs so one day he can run a marathon, play soccer with our girls and then one day walk them down the aisle and dance with them.

One thing is for sure I am extremely thankful for my fellow military wives (active and retired) who understand me completely. I seriously don't know what I would do if I didn't have them. They realize how lucky I am and help make this road easier. They have been to those memorials, they have been in those chairs, they have dealt with casualty affairs. They have dealt with NCOs and all the above and know what I'm working with.

I am thankful for every ounce of support that we have received from everyone. You are all incredible and thank you for lifting us up in prayer. Your support helps us get through this everyday.
Have a great day!
=) Jessica

Friday, April 15, 2011


What a way to start our day......Nikki Reed (from the Twilight Saga) joined Team Allen!!! How freaking amazing?! Our girls are going to flip when they find out Rosalie joined Team Allen!! Many thanks to Nikki Reed for helping to spread the word about my amazing hubby and our girls' awesome Daddy!!

FYI: We are all so excited to have every one of you on Team Allen you all have helped our family, our friends, Chaz's soldiers and many communities heal. Your support is incredible and I thank God everyday for everyone of you on here as well as the ones to come! Chaz and I had no idea how many lives we touched until this occurred. And now Team Allen has taken on a life of its own and Chaz and I sit back and just soak all the support in. Having all of this support makes events like this a lot easier to handle. We have gotten prayers, letters, support, packages and emails from all over the world now. We had no idea that our healing would travel so far, but we are so thankful.

I am so grateful that Demetria came up with the Team Allen idea. For me it was a way to let everyone know what was going on, without having strangers invading our privacy. Which I am sure you all can understand. Now it's a source for strength and inspiration. Some people have told me they visit it daily. I do! I go to Team Allen so I can pass on all of your messages to Chaz. Your support fuels our drive on this road. Please keep it coming.

We think our girls have healed more easily because of all of the support. They love seeing "Daddy's shirt" on people. They all love to tell us about it. Our girls are only 5 and 8. De understands all of this a little better than Ry, but Ry follows her lead. De told me the other day that seeing all the support for her Daddy makes her even prouder of him. Unfortunately Chaz has been deployed for over half of De's life and almost half of Ry's. We have been working on Chaz and De's relationship for years. This incident has made them closer and I am so proud that he has 2 Daddy's girls. Boy do I feel sorry for the man who tries to get in the middle of Chaz and his girls!

In a few hours, Chaz should be walking laps around the MATC!! I know we'll have a great day and hope you do too!! Thanks again for everything!!! Go Team Allen!!!!!
;) Jessica

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fisher House Pampered Chef

I am so excited I have been looking for a way to give back to the Fisher House and we have come up with the perfect solution. We are going to add some Pampered Chef products to their kitchen!!! I have been a pampered chef consultant for 8 years now so I am highly addicted and love to share PC's awesome products. Cooking in the Fisher House is great, but we can make the experience even better for the families here by spoiling them with awesome kitchen supplies. The pots and pans here are awesome, but the cutting boards and utensils badly need to be replaced. I got permission today to replace them and our Fisher House Manager was so excited.

Here's what we're going to do. You have several choices on how you can help!
  1. Log onto and place and order for yourself. Please write in Fisher House as your host's name so FH will get the host credit. (Make sure you have your items sent to you unless you live in the VA area, or you plan to get it from me in DC).
  2. Donate funds to the pile. You can mail me a check, give me a card number, send me money via PayPal, hand me cash or a check when you see me, we have lots of options. I will use these funds to buy products.
  3. Pick an item or items from the list and purchase them through my website (like in step number 1) at your convenience. Please let me know that you are choosing this option.
Please know that my Pampered Chef commission begins at 20%. I pledge all of my commission and any and all host credits and specials to purchasing additional products for the Fisher House. So even if you go with option #1 the Fisher House will benefit. May is Help Whip Cancer month. You can choose one (or more) of the exclusive pink products and PC will donate $1 to the American Cancer Society. So you can double dip on giving when you make a purchase.

I do ask that you notice where you are shipping items to. I have the party set to ship to a friend in VA. This is so I can track the delivery more easily. I've had a few days practice with PC and deliveries (also with WRAMC and the Army). If you buy for yourself you'll need to have the items sent to you. Want to buddy up with a friend? Just let me know and I will get you a deal on shipping! Please help me make this a success. There are 8 families (including us) in our Fisher House. Every family uses this kitchen. It would be a huge blessing to get the kitchen supplies replaced. I also promise that when Walter Reed shuts down I will make sure the PC products move with the families!

What the Fisher House could use..... (needs are marked with**)
Item#   Description Cost
2565 Food Chopper $31.00
2427 Apple Wedger $12.50
2415 The Corer  $10.50
1182 Egg Slicer Plus $11.00
**1302 Pizza Cutter $10.00
**1071 Vegetable Peeler $7.00
1195 Cut N Seal $9.50
2904 My Safe Cutter $4.00
**1088 Professional Shears $22.50
2708 BBQ Grill Tray $31.50
2707 BBQ Grill Basket $28.50
2696 BBQ Mitt $15.50
**2692 BBQ Turner $19.50
2709 BBQ Cleaning Brush $15.50
**2272 Quick Stir Pitcher $16.50
**2274 Family Size Quick Stir $22.50
2303 Lg Bamboo Round Bowl $39.00
2302 Md Bamboo Round Bowl $29.00
2297 Bamboo Serving Tongs $12.00
**1079 5"Santoku $50.00
**1052 5" Utility $38.00
**1083 5" Utility Knife $24.00
**1084 Chef's Knife $32.00
**1013 Flexible Cutting Mats $15.00
**1023 Lg Cutting Board $30.00
**1012 Cutting Board $17.00
**1001 Bar Board $9.50
**2338 Square Slotted Spoon $11.00
**2337 Small Spoon $11.00
**2343 Slotted Spoon $12.50
**2342 Spoon $12.50
**2347 Sm Slotted Turner $11.00
**2344 Slotted Turner $12.50
**2345 Jumbo Slotted Turner $12.50
**2341 Pasta Fork $12.50
**2346 Ladle $12.50
2348 Skimmer $13.50
**2049 Bamboo Slotted Spoon Set $10.00
**2042 Bamboo Spatula Set $8.50
**1674 Bamboo Spoon Set $10.00
2044 Bamboo Specialty Cooking Set $10.00
**1168 Nylon Slice N Serve $5.00
1169 Nylon Knife $5.00
**2325 Basic Nylon Tool Set $19.50
**2326 Specialty Nylon Tool Set $24.50
2171 Tool Turn About $18.50
2778 Lg Micro Cooker $11.00
2776 Sm Micro cooker $8.50
2955 Chef's Tongs $22.00
1622 Scoop N Drain $10.50
2583 Mix N Chop $10.50
2944 Trivet $13.00
1321 Deep Covered Baker $85.00
2449 Deep Covered Baker Cookbook $7.50
1260 Citrus Peeler $1.00
2071 Sm Spreader $5.00
1646 Lg Spreader $9.00
**2622 Mini Serving Spatula $5.00
1642 All Purpose Spreader $4.50
**2626 Lg Serving Spatula $9.00
**2308 Measuring Spoons $8.00
**2257 Measuring Cup Set $15.00
**2258 Adj Measuring Spoons $8.00
**2175 Set of Meas cups $23.00
**2177 Mini Measuring $6.00
2304 Mini Scoop $5.00
**2225 Measure All $10.00
2236 Mini Measure All $6.00
2256 Conversion Magnet $8.00
1735 Stainless Mixing Bowls $84.50
**2230 Classic Batter Bowl $15.00
**2233 Small Batter Bowl $11.50
2796 Colander & Bowl Set $39.00
**2759 Can Opener $19.50
**2677 Jar Opener $10.50
2495 Can Strainer $5.00
**2730 Ice Cream Dipper $15.00
**1625 Clean Brush $9.00
**1329 Oven Mitt $16.50
**1346 Oven Pad $12.50
**2165 Hot pad/Trivet $10.50
**1746 Funnels $11.00
2988 Striped Towels $14.50
2997 i-slice $3.75
1258 Paring knives $5.00
2590 Easy Opener $5.00
1655 Skinny Scraper $8.50
1650 Classic Scraper $11.50
**1657 Mix N Scraper $14.50
**1659 Sm Mix N Scraper $12.50
1656 Mini Mix N Scraper $9.50
2635 Mini Whipper $4.00
**2481 sauce Whisk $17.50
2482 Flat whisk $17.50
**2475 Whisk $12.50
2477 Mini Whisk $9.50
1755 Basting Brush $8.50
**1587 Cooling Rack $15.00
**1707 Cake Pan set $19.00
1542 Springform pan $25.50
1606 Mini-Muffin Pan $16.50
1590 Tart Shaper $5.50
1607 Muffin Pan $18.00
**1521 Cookie Sheet $18.00
**1722 Lg Sheet Pan $18.00
**1721 Md Sheet Pan $14.50
**1724 Sm Sheet Pan $11.50
1790 Lg Scoop $15.50
2540 Md Scoop $14.50
2530 Sm Scoop $1350
**1512 Rect Baking Pan $19.50
**1727 Square Baking Pan $13.00
**1728 Loaf Pan $12.00
**1511 Pie Plate $9.50

Thank you so much for any support you can provide!!! You may be helping 8 families right now, but PC products last forever so you will help many more families as time passes by!!! Message me with any questions

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Yesterday we sat in a meeting with General Colt and listened to other soldiers and spouses complain and whine about WRAMC and their situations. Chaz and I just listened. The general then asked, "Do you have anything you'd like to put in?" I told him my only complaints are with the Pharmacy dept and boy is that a long story. And that I am a little frustrated with the Warrior Transition Brigade, but the problems are nothing that I can't handle. After the meeting the general comes to me and says, "You have to be Jessica Allen, I have heard a lot about you." (Thanks Dianne!) I said, "Yes I am." He then tells me he'd like to talk to me for a little bit. After he hears our story he just looks at me and says, "Good Lord girl how do you do it?" I immediately replied back, "What is my other choice, the easy road is not the right road in our situation. We know the consequences of the easy road and we're not going to take it. We've been dealing with the Army for over 10 years now and we've seen what happens when you take the easy road. We are going down an uncharted path and just taking a month at a time and dealing with it as we go."

This morning I heard Sara Bareilles' song Uncharted and have decided that is our theme song. We are on a uncharted path right now. Sure we can talk to others an compare and contrast but every situation is so different it's almost impossible to follow someone else's path. My favorite lyrics are "I'm going down, follow if you want to, I won't just hang around, like you can show me where to go, I'm already out of fool proof ideas, so don't ask me how to get started, it's all uncharted."

We are going down this path and we have no idea what we are doing. We are just going to follow our guts and pray that God will lead us where we need to go. As I heard that song this morning, I realized that is exactly where Chaz and I are. We are rocking it out that's for sure. Chaz and I are proud of each other and how we've handled this. We've decided we're pretty kick ass parents and people. I don't care if that sounds arrogant or not. We are blessed and I want to brag about it and give God the glory. God has blessed us with great families and friends who helped mold us into who we are. Because of the people who have touched our lives, we can draw from those strengths and lessons and we are able to get through this that much easier.

Then there's "compare where you are to where you want to be and you'll get no where." I can't just sit around and compare where we are and where we're going?! We are just going one step at a time. Every time we make plans, God points and laughs at us. So I am just planning a little bit at a time. I am scared as hell. Everyone who knows me, knows I am a planner, but I just can't plan anything right now. Maybe God wants me to learn a lesson about short term planning instead of long term, maybe he wants me to learn new planning skills. Who knows?! But one thing is for sure I am learning a lot!!

And there's "I'm stuck under the ceiling I made."I have always believed you are the master of your life. You are only limited by the limitations you set. I know one thing for sure, we are God's children and with him in our corner we can do anything. I refuse to be told no, even if it is the US Army. Everyone has a boss and I am not afraid to go find out who that is. And I'll do it with a lot of southern charm! I do not have time to play around, this is my family and I am not afraid to smash heads anymore. I am going to be like Teddy Roosevelt and walk softly and carry a big stick! With that said I will reiterate WRAMC is amazing and the people here are mission focused. The mission here is healing the family. Not the soldier, the family. I am so thankful Chaz was sent here. It is amazing to be apart of such an awesome team.

And "I won't go as a passenger, no waiting for the road to be laid." I am a leader, not a follower. I will not stand by and be allow to herded like cattle. No I will let people know we are here and we're not disappearing from your radar anytime soon. And by the way, we're going to have as much fun with this as possible. So you can join us in the boat and make this as enjoyable as possible or you can go sit on the shore and cry. Good luck with the crying thing, because this amazing world will keep on going with or without you!

Our uncharted path is incredible. God has put some wonderful people on this path and we are so thankful for all of them. I'm pretty sure there are a few more people to meet along the way. We are excited to see what else God has in store. We are so thankful for all the support and prayers. Please don't stop.
If you get a second today listen to that song. The lyrics are awesome!
Have a great day!
=) Jessica