Friday, April 15, 2011


What a way to start our day......Nikki Reed (from the Twilight Saga) joined Team Allen!!! How freaking amazing?! Our girls are going to flip when they find out Rosalie joined Team Allen!! Many thanks to Nikki Reed for helping to spread the word about my amazing hubby and our girls' awesome Daddy!!

FYI: We are all so excited to have every one of you on Team Allen you all have helped our family, our friends, Chaz's soldiers and many communities heal. Your support is incredible and I thank God everyday for everyone of you on here as well as the ones to come! Chaz and I had no idea how many lives we touched until this occurred. And now Team Allen has taken on a life of its own and Chaz and I sit back and just soak all the support in. Having all of this support makes events like this a lot easier to handle. We have gotten prayers, letters, support, packages and emails from all over the world now. We had no idea that our healing would travel so far, but we are so thankful.

I am so grateful that Demetria came up with the Team Allen idea. For me it was a way to let everyone know what was going on, without having strangers invading our privacy. Which I am sure you all can understand. Now it's a source for strength and inspiration. Some people have told me they visit it daily. I do! I go to Team Allen so I can pass on all of your messages to Chaz. Your support fuels our drive on this road. Please keep it coming.

We think our girls have healed more easily because of all of the support. They love seeing "Daddy's shirt" on people. They all love to tell us about it. Our girls are only 5 and 8. De understands all of this a little better than Ry, but Ry follows her lead. De told me the other day that seeing all the support for her Daddy makes her even prouder of him. Unfortunately Chaz has been deployed for over half of De's life and almost half of Ry's. We have been working on Chaz and De's relationship for years. This incident has made them closer and I am so proud that he has 2 Daddy's girls. Boy do I feel sorry for the man who tries to get in the middle of Chaz and his girls!

In a few hours, Chaz should be walking laps around the MATC!! I know we'll have a great day and hope you do too!! Thanks again for everything!!! Go Team Allen!!!!!
;) Jessica

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