Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great News!!

So while Chaz was having his IVC filter removed yesterday, I got to talk to a bunch of people and get some great stuff done for us! But first let me explain the filter. Chaz had a minor blood clot back in February. The doctors put the filter in to help reduce the chances of another one. Time has passed and he shows no reasons for them to keep it in, so out it came! Wahoo!!! It was probably his easiest surgery yet!

So he's gone and I begin hunting down the people I need! There are some ADA compliant apartments here in Maryland that the Army's WTB (Warrior Transition Brigade) and several non-profits (list will come out once I get all the details) provide FREE of charge for Wounded Warrior families. There's a process to get one (hello, this is the Army) and with the help a awesome new friend (thanks, Shauna Verra) I learned how to get our name in the hat. We should be moving in late April/early Mayish!!!!! Chaz and I are so excited!!

The Fisher House is wonderful, but now we will have a place of our own to begin our next chapter in healing our family. Please know I am still doing the Pampered Chef fundraiser and I promise all of the PC products will get to the Fisher Houses. You have my word!

Now these apartments are furnished with furniture and such, but I will make them more like home with a few shopping trips. Chaz had to reign me back in last night. I was shopping online for bedding and such for the girls! I am just so excited that we are ready for this next chapter. When he first got here, it seemed so far away and now here we are!! Also the doctors said Chaz wouldn't be outpatient until June or July and look it's April and they are talking May!!! He would already be out if he didn't have that lump come up on his back. He had a cyst removed (you'll remember that surgery weeks ago) and upon further testing they discovered it was e-coli and MRSA. He now has to have IV antibiotics everyday for a few more weeks, then we're FREE!!! (This is where you here Mel Gibson in Braveheart screaming "FREEDOM")

I am also scared to death. I am about to permanently combine my worlds. I know we will make it work, but I am very nervous. There are so many little details to figure out before and I can only imagine the little details that we aren't aware of yet! But regardless, we will rock it out!

You can check out our new digs at 1200eastwest.com when you get a chance. We are walking distance to so many things and to the Metro. Poor Chaz, he knows adventure time in DC is coming! He married a Political Science and History major after all and we're in DC!! I am so excited for our family. We are going to have so many awesome adventures while we're here. We are going to seize every opportunity and love every minute of it.

Thanks again for your prayers and support! We wouldn't be where we are now if it wasn't for all of you!
Go Team Allen!!!
=) Jessica

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