Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Yesterday we sat in a meeting with General Colt and listened to other soldiers and spouses complain and whine about WRAMC and their situations. Chaz and I just listened. The general then asked, "Do you have anything you'd like to put in?" I told him my only complaints are with the Pharmacy dept and boy is that a long story. And that I am a little frustrated with the Warrior Transition Brigade, but the problems are nothing that I can't handle. After the meeting the general comes to me and says, "You have to be Jessica Allen, I have heard a lot about you." (Thanks Dianne!) I said, "Yes I am." He then tells me he'd like to talk to me for a little bit. After he hears our story he just looks at me and says, "Good Lord girl how do you do it?" I immediately replied back, "What is my other choice, the easy road is not the right road in our situation. We know the consequences of the easy road and we're not going to take it. We've been dealing with the Army for over 10 years now and we've seen what happens when you take the easy road. We are going down an uncharted path and just taking a month at a time and dealing with it as we go."

This morning I heard Sara Bareilles' song Uncharted and have decided that is our theme song. We are on a uncharted path right now. Sure we can talk to others an compare and contrast but every situation is so different it's almost impossible to follow someone else's path. My favorite lyrics are "I'm going down, follow if you want to, I won't just hang around, like you can show me where to go, I'm already out of fool proof ideas, so don't ask me how to get started, it's all uncharted."

We are going down this path and we have no idea what we are doing. We are just going to follow our guts and pray that God will lead us where we need to go. As I heard that song this morning, I realized that is exactly where Chaz and I are. We are rocking it out that's for sure. Chaz and I are proud of each other and how we've handled this. We've decided we're pretty kick ass parents and people. I don't care if that sounds arrogant or not. We are blessed and I want to brag about it and give God the glory. God has blessed us with great families and friends who helped mold us into who we are. Because of the people who have touched our lives, we can draw from those strengths and lessons and we are able to get through this that much easier.

Then there's "compare where you are to where you want to be and you'll get no where." I can't just sit around and compare where we are and where we're going?! We are just going one step at a time. Every time we make plans, God points and laughs at us. So I am just planning a little bit at a time. I am scared as hell. Everyone who knows me, knows I am a planner, but I just can't plan anything right now. Maybe God wants me to learn a lesson about short term planning instead of long term, maybe he wants me to learn new planning skills. Who knows?! But one thing is for sure I am learning a lot!!

And there's "I'm stuck under the ceiling I made."I have always believed you are the master of your life. You are only limited by the limitations you set. I know one thing for sure, we are God's children and with him in our corner we can do anything. I refuse to be told no, even if it is the US Army. Everyone has a boss and I am not afraid to go find out who that is. And I'll do it with a lot of southern charm! I do not have time to play around, this is my family and I am not afraid to smash heads anymore. I am going to be like Teddy Roosevelt and walk softly and carry a big stick! With that said I will reiterate WRAMC is amazing and the people here are mission focused. The mission here is healing the family. Not the soldier, the family. I am so thankful Chaz was sent here. It is amazing to be apart of such an awesome team.

And "I won't go as a passenger, no waiting for the road to be laid." I am a leader, not a follower. I will not stand by and be allow to herded like cattle. No I will let people know we are here and we're not disappearing from your radar anytime soon. And by the way, we're going to have as much fun with this as possible. So you can join us in the boat and make this as enjoyable as possible or you can go sit on the shore and cry. Good luck with the crying thing, because this amazing world will keep on going with or without you!

Our uncharted path is incredible. God has put some wonderful people on this path and we are so thankful for all of them. I'm pretty sure there are a few more people to meet along the way. We are excited to see what else God has in store. We are so thankful for all the support and prayers. Please don't stop.
If you get a second today listen to that song. The lyrics are awesome!
Have a great day!
=) Jessica

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