Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Meeting With The General

First let me explain. I met General Colt at a 101st family pow-wow meeting at WRAMC last month. He's the one who I told I don't have problems, I solve them. Later that day he found us at the MATC and asked if I had any time that I could meet with him while I was in TN. Dick Winters then said, "Well of course she does." And I don't believe I could have told him no. So I called and got my appointment in for April 25.

The meeting went very well. I discovered he wanted to meet with me because he heard he'd get an honest, inside opinion of how things are at WRAMC. He wanted to meet me without all the other people around (Army folks at WRAMC). He also said he had heard a lot of good things about me and wanted to sit down and just get to know me better. He said he had heard that I wasn't like any other Army wife and he just had to get one on one time with me. He wanted to know if I needed anything. To which I replied, "Yes I need Chaz to be in Nashville on June 5 for this fundraiser and I need him home for our girls' recital." I have been told that it will happen.
I am so glad I got to tell him how awesome Chaz's doctors, nurses, therapists, PAs. NPs and staff have been. I also got to brag on our LNOs. Chaz and I wouldn't be this far without them all and we are so thankful. I am so glad I could share that with him. He needs to know his soldiers are in excellent hands.
So we're sitting there and the General just looks at me and I finally asked him if there was a problem. He said, "Absolutely not, I have just never met anyone like you. You are just so determined. You don't hate the Army. You're smiling. You've been dealt a huge blow and you are just moving right along." I told him that Chaz and I have two little girls who are watching our every move. When this is all done we want them to be proud. We want them to say look what happened to our family and my dad and mom just rocked right along. He said there's no way the girls couldn't be proud of us. He said he's proud of us and just met us. He's proud we're a 101st family. He also asked me where do I get my energy and happiness. And then he said I bet you've been told you were in denial or shock and I laughed. I told him you have no idea. I told him all of this comes from my faith. Chaz tells me I have enough faith to share, which I totally believe. I told the General that I don't know how others get through life without faith, much less how do they get through this situation. God has put Chaz and I through several storms together. But during those storms we held onto each other and just let it pass and God has always been there when it is over. We have been blessed again and again. We are being blessed as we go through this journey and we'll continue to be blessed as we move forward. God will see us through. When you just put your faith in him, he just makes it all work out. We also remember we are victors, not victims. There's a reason for all of this happening and one day we'll find out what that is. As long as we stay focused on that we will be fine.
He asked what do I want to see out of all if this. I want three things. One I am going after the Warrior Transition Brigade at WRAMC. Last week I threatened to slam a guy's head into the wall. (Oh yes I did, I have a witness. I haven't threatened anyone in a long time, it was nice to unleash some anger.) I was later told by our LNOs that it was the funniest and most well deserved butt chewings they had ever witnessed. The General is also tracking this. He agrees something needs to be done. I need a place to channel this anger and I need a new mission. So WTB here I come, I hope you are ready, because we are going to have some fun!!
Second I want financial education put into the soldiers' basic training and throughout their career. Most of these guys have no idea what to do with their money and have to declare bankruptcy before they are 30. Which is a huge embarrassment and can be prevented with education. Don't get me started on the lack of financial education in our country. I will not get off of that soap box.
Third I think wives should be educated on the possiblities of how this can effect your family. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but in the Army you need to know the protocol. Chaz and I have been doing this for years, so I got this! But these new wives are clueless! I showed up at WRAMC with all my POAs and way too much, but I don't play around with the Army. Can you imagine how overwhelming this would be to a new wife?!
The General had to go and greet a flight of soldiers back from deployment. He assured me this is not our last meeting and I feel it won't be either. He also assured me he and Chaz will be at the fundraiser, he'll help me make that happen if necessary. He said he is very much looking forward to the fundraiser. All I can say is the 101st is in great hands. General Colt is the leader our soldiers need. I have a feeling the Allens will have a long lasting relationship with the Colts and this is a great thing. I am so thankful that God made this connection happen.
Have a great day!
=) Jessica

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