Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, Feb 28

What a day?! I stayed the night last night at the hospital with Chaz. I have started staying with him every other night at the hospital with him (Momma needs a break from the hospital every other night). I seriously don't know how people stay there all the time. Hospitals are draining and are so not the place to get rest!! Just saying.....

So 6am enter the Ortho team to come and change and check all of Chaz's bandages. I get up at 5:30 everyday, but Chaz has never been nor will he ever be a morning person. So 6am is a little rough for him. So starting with the Ortho team, every other department in the hospital came through Chaz's room today (seriously name them, I guarantee we talked with them). Then we found out that Chaz had to go for an ultrasound so we walked and talked to his Warrior Transition Leader to Ultrasound and back. While we were there Chaz got way too hot and almost passed out (not fun). So I had to open the doors and explain what I was doing and that they needed to get the lead out or come find us later. Got him back up stairs long enough to get him back to bed and talk to more doctors (this is where the plastic surgeon comes in to tell us Chaz is going in for a wash out) and then do a little OT. Then we were visited by representatives of the Gathering of Eagles. Then I took off to grab lunch (and walked and talked to our social worker) came back to more vistors and then we loaded back up in the power chair to go to the MATC (this is the amputee Physical Therapy center). The MATC is amazing. Name the disability and I guarantee there are multiples there. I'll talk about the MATC another day (it deserves it's own note). Chaz and I then went back to his room, got him back in bed and racked out!! We finally got 5 minutes alone and we just passed out. From this moment on we just vegged out! Wow what a day! It was a good but busy day! And now it time for a good night sleep. I just hope Chaz sleeps as well. We both should sleep like rocks after our crazy day!
=) Jessica

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another Step to the Side!

So yesterday was a very stressful day. Everything was going really well. Chaz was having a great day. We got him up and dressed and as we went to help him get into his chair he lost his balance and went to catch himself and ended up popping 3 staples out. Poor Chaz, he was instantly in pain and was afraid he had done significant damage. The doctors and nurses came flying in his room and began to check him out. I was perfectly fine until they pulled the bandage off of his back. All the blood made me nauseous so the PT (Physical Therapist), OT (Occupational Therapist) and I went out into the hallway. They told me I looked green and I would not doubt it at all. They confessed that they couldn't handle it either. So we sat and let the docs work away. I knew it was better to puke outside of his room. But just so you know, I survived without tossing my cookies.

Luckily he just popped those 3 staples, but it was enough to produce a good amount of blood. Unfortunately since it happened he now has to have the dressings changed 3 times a day. This is not fun. They literally rip his back off when they change these out. They told me that they may get to go down to 2 if it looks better Monday. But we've figured out the best times of the day and make sure he gets an extra dose of meds before they change it. So we have made it a little better.

Chaz was a little hard on himself for the accident. But he has gotten over it. Tomorrow he will be getting back in that chair and we are rocking on forward!!! This morning one of the surgeons said he doesn't see surgery next week. But he will more than likely have to have another skin graft but it will be a while before he's ready. Time will reveal this answer!

While in Afghanistan Chaz contracted MRSA, a type of staph infection. Walter Reed is monitoring it very closely. So closely in fact, Infectious Disease has been called in. They checked Chaz all over and are trying to figure out how to run MRSA off. This is not a step to the side at all, this is a huge help. If we can manage his MRSA this will make his life easier. We should have an answer back on this one next week too.

I realized yesterday why there are so many medical dramas on TV. My goodness the drama does not stop!! It is crazy. I am so thankful for the medical staff of Walter Reed. They have taken very good care of Chaz and I. I don't know if I can ever thank them enough. They have made this all so much easier to deal with and I am so grateful.

Well I am off to crash out to go do it again. We got a new neighbor who has some super cool family members. I am sure we'll be getting to know them. Yep it's another double amputee. Please also lift this family up in prayer!!
=) Jessica

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Step to the Side!

Chaz is not being moved to the Rehab team yet, he will have to remain on the Trauma team for a little longer. His skin that was taken from his back has attached perfectly to his elbow, which is a huge blessing. But today we discovered that the skin graft from one part of his of his back to the other did not take 100%. It did take over 50% though. They told us on a scale of 1-10 his surgery last Tuesday was a 15 and if they have to re-graft his back it will be a 1. We will have the definite decision tomorrow and if they do decide to graft it again, he will have surgery Monday. This is totally not bad news, it is just a step to the side. We are both still is high spirits and he is moving on with his physical therapy and is definitely moving forward in his healing process.

Just to prove how great he's doing, Chaz moved himself from his power chair to his bed today!!!!! This is huge, by the way and I was scared to death to watch him do it, just like I am when I watch our oldest run and do a round off- back tuck. But he went over the plan with me and then excuted it perfectly. Once again proving I am married to the most amazing man! One month and two days after losing his legs and braking an arm, he transfers himself from the chair to the bed by himself. I am so glad he saves the best moments for me!! What a great day!! Thank the Lord for another great day for Team Allen!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

10 Years Ago...

This day 10 years ago I woke up with butterflies in my stomach and then proceeded to attack the day. My sister, Janice, and niece, Salem, and I spent the whole day together getting beautiful. Boy did we have fun. We spent the whole day in McMinnville (my hometown) running around doing wedding stuff. Then we made our journey to Nashville to get to my parents house and then to the chapel. It was such a lovely day. Most importantly Salem got to be a princess like Aunt Jecca.
You have to love weddings all that work and effort and it's over in 10 minutes. We were blessed to have about 25 witnesses of our beautiful day and I remember the weather being absolutely perfect. Luckily Chaz and I got to have our sisters and brothers and our 3 closest friends to stand up with us when we said I do. Then we enjoyed a lovely dinner with all of our loved ones and then day was done.
Today we celebrate 10 years together and we'll both tell you they have all been happy years. Out of 10 anniversaries we have only had 3 together. But starting with this one, we will turn that fraction around. I am so blessed that we are going to have this day together. It is going to be a great day! I hope you all can have a great day too!
=) Jessica

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One Month Ago...

On January 22, 2011 the lives of many were changed forever. Chaz unknowingly stepped in the wrong place and the ramifications are still being dealt with. Who ever thought one step could change the worlds of so many. We never knew that we had touched so many lives until now. We are absolutely amazed at the amount of support and prayers we have recieved. Please don't ever stop, we will need your prayers and support for many more days to come.

When you survive one of these events they call the incident day your Alive Day. Well today is the one month anniversary of our Alive Day. Best of all I get to go celebrate it with Chaz. We are so grateful to be celebrating this day. We are so thankful for everyday before and everyday after, but these milestones deserve their own spotlight. I think the best part is that we can look back and see how far we have come. One month ago at 8am, I got a phone call wanting to know where I would be in case I had to be notified of Chaz's passing. But because of all the prayers, every phone call brought better news. Now one month later he is almost free of all the tubes, in a power chair without cords to tow behind, almost done with all the surgeries and in Physical and Occupational Therapy getting closer and closer to walking and getting to our new normal. If you ever doubted faith or the power of prayer, my hubby is living proof and I will always sing God's praises!

We are so thankful that God has put so many incredible people in our path to help make all this road better. We will never be able to thank you all enough. Please know that we are all so thankful for you prayers, cards, emails, text messages, calls, visits and support. Thank you for going down this road with us. You all have made it easier.
=) Jessica

Monday, February 21, 2011

How It All Started....

Since so many have asked I thought I'd tell our story.

We met in May of 1999 when I was on summer break from KWC (Kentucky Wesleyan College). For those that remember me when, in March of that same year I lost my boyfriend Anthony to a car accident and one week later my grandfather (who I was very close too) passed as well. So needless to say I was not in the mood for a real relationship at that time in my life.

During college I worked for a restaurant chain called Tumbleweed, there's still a few left, but not in TN to my knowledge. I worked at the one in Owensboro, KY (during school) and Hermitage, TN (for breaks from college). At the Hermitage store I met a hostess there that insisted I meet her boyfriend's roommate. Since she was 17, she was a little set up happy and I told her again and again no. One day she begged me to take her to Campbell to meet her man and I had arranged to have dinner with another friend of mine (who was a guy, this is where you need Chaz's side of the story, it's pretty funny). Anyway I took the girls to meet her boyfriend and that's when I met Chaz. Which by the way Chaz and the girl's then boyfriend will tell you I tried to blow them off. But to Chaz's luck my dinner plans when cancelled. So Chaz invited me to dinner. I remember my first impression of him was that this guy is hilarious (which is still true today). After dinner, I went back and met my friend and hung out with him. I was told the next day Chaz didn't stop talking about me and that he totally wanted to go out with me again (trying to sound young and cool, here).

Since I wasn't in the mood to date I just kind of let him go. Before I knew it he showed up at my work again and again and again. Eventually I caved and went out with him again and again. I insisted that we just be friends and Chaz was fine with that (so he said). But before I knew it everyone called him my boyfriend and we've been together ever since.

When Chaz asked me to marry him, I think I was the only one that was shocked. It was quite funny. He was getting ready for his first deployment and that might have been his catalyst but whatever it was I am glad he did it. I told him I wouldn't marry him until we got through that first deployment. I was scared I couldn't hack it as a Army wife. We decided I would finish my last semester of college and then marry him after he returned. He left on Aug 16 2000 and I went and finished my last semester. We had originally planned to get married in June 2001, but on Labor Day 2000 Chaz called me and said he wasn't waiting that long. He wanted to get married as soon as he got back. So I voted we just go to the Justice of the Peace and get it over with and then take a big trip. He thought that over called again and scratched that plan too. So on my Christmas Break I went to that cute little chapel on Briley Pkwy and decided it was small enough for me and large enough for him. I have to be honest I just wanted it to me, him and a few witnesses. My college friends and mom and sister will tell you all about this. But my cute hubby vetoed me and invited his entire company and at least half of the state of Oklahoma and probably Texas too. Seriously Chaz invited more people to the wedding than I did. Looking back now, I think it's really funny, at the time he had me a little stressed out, But who's not stressed when planning a wedding. Oh and did the stress come (that's a whole other story). Somehow we both made it that church on Feb 23, 2001 and began our family. It's definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. We had around 25 people at our wedding and less than that at our dinner that followed. It was a great day!

In two days I am pleased to say I am tenured. It is now cheaper to keep me. Chaz has told me he'd be an idiot to let me go, I'd have to agree. But I cannot and will not imagine my world without him in it. For 12 years I have had to let the Army take him in and out of our lives and the one thing I am celebrating is that the girls and I can finally have him. This accident is only a tragedy if you let it be. Here's how I look at it. Chaz and I have always stayed true to each other because we knew that one day God would let us finally be together without deployments. Chaz is the love of my life. There will never be another like him and I am so thankful God made him for me. Someone in Afghanistan tried to take him away and they failed. They only took his legs. We still have him and most importantly his spirit. God has blesed so many brilliant people with the technology to make him walk again. God will help us on this road and before I know it, this will all just be a memory. I can close my eyes and see us at our wedding day, or see Deryn or Ryann when they first enetered our lives. All of those things happened years ago and soon we'll be able to say the same with this accident.
Thanks again for your prayers and support!
=) Jessica

Chaz and I at our wedding dinner. This is one of my favorite pics of us. I have it in a frame that says "He loves me, he loves me not."

Saturday, February 19, 2011

How I Do It...

I have been asked again and again how I do it, so here ya go!

Every Wednesday (except this week, because I am going on Tuesday to be there for our anniversary) I fly one way. I will drop my cuties off at school and make it to the airport for my 10am flight to DC I land at 1 and am greeted by our awesome friends Donna & Adam with a yummy Chai and we are off to the hospital. I usually stay until 8ish and tuck my hunny in and then go to Adam & Donna's to rack out myself. The Army gives me a hotel, but they are so cold and lonely. Our friends have provided me with a home away from home. Which is freaking sweet (Family Guy reference here), by the way. Then on Monday through Fridays I get up at 5:30 (DC time) to get ready and go be with Chaz all day. Luckily Adam has to be a work at a similar time so he slows down long enough for me to jump and roll out (just kidding he comes to a complete stop (sometimes). So I am a now an un-licensed, (but learning super fast) nurse for those days. Chaz calls me his beck and call girl and is highly enjoying it. Since he is like a new baby, he mostly sleeps and eats, but we have a little playtime in there. We have been able to have the best conversations during these times. They have shown me exactly why I said "I do." We all know I love to talk, but believe it or not I do know how to listen. I usually also make him get in his wheelchair for at least a little bit so he can get out of that bed and away from those walls. On Saturdays and Sundays, we all sleep in. These days are the best. Chaz gets lots of rest and the doctors usually are not around. So we get even more quality time together.

Adam & Donna are amazing. We have been blessed to know them for over 12 years now and we are so thankful to have them in our lives. They have been my bodyguards, drivers. food runners, chai runners. listeners, comforters and then they step in and check on Chaz when I am in TN! They are AMAZING!!!!

On the Wednesdays that I head to TN, I spend the mornings with Chaz and then I have to leave between 12-1 to get to my afternoon flight. I have been making it back by dinner time each time. So I get to come back get covered in hugs and kisses (and last time a dog bite). Last time my parent's dog freaked when I hugged De and bit my hand. She wanted to make sure I knew my role! I eat dinner with my kiddos and then we snuggle up and watch TV and get ready for the next day. Then we just move on as normal, except I usually spend my whole day doing taxes and talking on the phone to clients and Army people. They are going to school, dance and girl scouts as normal.

I hate Wednesday mornings because I have to leave someone, but I love Wednesday afternoons because I get to bring a smile to someone's face. So I totally get to end the day on a high note. I love being able to be with my hubby, but I also enjoy coming back to our normal life where our kids just want Mom. I am actually thankful for all the deployments we've been through. Daddy being gone is now normal to them. According to all of their teachers, the girls are doing very well.

One thing is for sure, my life is like a roller coaster, that luckily only flips occasionally. But sweet baby Jesus when it flips, it is nauseating (they should make a special dramamine for this). I know I have many more flips to come, but after what we've gone through so far I know we're ready. I once again must say thank you for your support and prayers. I can feel the love and support everyday. You can only imagine all the comfort you all bring. We are so blessed you have you all. Thank you!
=) Jessica
* To be completely honest, I don't know how I do it. I just know it has to be done so I just keep on going! ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ward 57

I have told you again and again how absolutely fabulous Chaz's doctors and nurses are. Well I have discovered they do not get thanked enough. So Saturday I cooked them a pot of pinto beans, pan of cornbread and some fried taters. As per Chaz's request. Last night I cooked them Lasagna. They were shocked and so thankful.

I would like to ask you all to send them a card to say thanks for helping the Allen Family. I want them to see the strength of Team Allen. I have been asked to bring a banner for the door and they want the logo too.
Here's the address:
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Nurses & Staff of Ward 57
6900 Georgia Ave NW
Washington DC 20307

Please take a few seconds and send them a card. If you'd like specific names here is a list of some of them.
LT Deane
LTC Cassella
SFC Janet
LT Park
LT Brussels
Mr Corbin
LT Plonski
ESN Milan
Ms Gaskill
Ms Arnette
Ms Stephanie
Spc Meckler

This is my short list! I can add a lot more later. My brain is almost fried!!
Thank you so much for taking time out to thank them.
=) Jessica

Chaz 2-14-11

So I know you've all noticed I've been a little busy. I have been maximizing my time with Chaz everyday. We've had a lot of awesome vistors, but only when Chaz is up to it. The time spread out between surgeries has been awesome for him. He has gained so much energy. Today we found out that everything looks great for this surgery tomorrow. All of his counts are up and the surgeons are ready. I walked down the hall for something and when I came back there were a gazillion doctors (I call them Chaz's minions) standing in the hallway pow-wowing about him. It was quite comical. Here's what I learned.
  1. Chaz's elbow was broken into 7 places and he is missing a few inches of bone. This was from the blast.
  2. He is also missing a pretty good piece of skin around his elbow.
  3. They have already put a rod in his radius (for those of you who are like me, in his forearm).
  4. They will be using a plastic plate to fuse his elbow together for the time being.
  5. They will be removing a patch of skin from his back and then attaching this skin to his elbow.
  6. There's a 95% success rate for this surgery.
  7. It will take 6-8 hours for the surgery.
  8. He will stay in ICU for 3-5 days after his surgery.
  9. The skin flap is very sensitive. If anything begins to go wrong. They will rush him back to surgery to immediately repair it.
  10. In a few months, once the skin flap has healed then they will go in remove the fusion plate and then use a cadaver elbow to hopefully give him a lot more function.
  11. He has almost full use of his right hand, wrist and shoulder. We just need that elbow to get with the program.
  12. His legs loook great and are DONE!!!!
I met all of the doctors who will be touching my hubby. They all took the time to explain everything to us and made sure we understood what was going on. Once again Walter Reed is amazing!!! Please, please lift him up in prayer! Once we get past this surgery, he should only have a few left.
=) Jessica

Another Email From France!!

Hi,  Mrs Allen
Hi Sergeant Allen.

I am French, I live in Normandy near the point of landing of the D-day.
I’m 45 and i work in Electricity company of France. (Saddened for my light english…)

We saw in France Michel Scott's report where you were hurt in operation.

I have no word to express you my sadness and my regrets. I wish that you recover well, as good as possible.

You are the pride of a whole world, the pride of many people. I often measure the price paid here in Normandy by the youth in war period.

I am with you wholeheartedly. If one day you decide to travel with your wife in France, you are my guest.
To meet you and to receive you would be an honor and a pleasure.

Indeed to you.

Amicalement, mes amitiés de France.

Hero Miles

In case you don't know there is a program called Hero Miles. It is operated through the Fisher House foundation. In this program they find military families show need to fly back and forth to take care of business, family and etc. Due to abuse of the program there are limitations and exceptions. My first flight was paid for by the Army. My second and third flight was paid for by Hero Miles. Unfortunately you have to apply for every flight and you don't know if you if you get the flight or not until 48 hours before you fly. So yesterday I go down to file my request to fly. This fabulous lady, Brandi, asks if I would tell her what is going on and wants to know why I need to fly so much. So I tell her our story and how I am trying to let our girls keep our normal for as long as possible. I tell her I don't know what else to do besides fly back and forth and spend one week with my kids and a week with Chaz. I told her we are ot looking for a handout, but that I wanted to plan ahead. I wanted to go ahead and buy any tickets necessary to accomplish my goals of getting back and forth. Brandi then says, let me make a phone call.

Hours pass and I get a phone call from the Director of the Hero Miles program, Tish. She informs me that our family is the exact family they are looking for. She says we don't have a lot of families like the us and that it would be their priviledge to fly me every week necessary to be with our kids and Chaz. She thanked us for our service and then told me the tickets will also be extended to our kids whenever I am ready to bring them up. She even let me pick the flight times and everything. Absolutely AMAZING!!!

Here's what I need from you, help me thank them. Send them emails, donate your miles, what ever you want to do. She says currently no other family at Walter Reed is doing what we are doing and they are so happy to help. I have to help them, so please help me help them. I have already got my vets from the 101st donating miles. If you've got them and aren't using them or know someone who has the extra miles donate them. I won't be depleting their account but who knows how many other families will need this service down the road from now.

The best part about this is now we will not have to take money from the construction of our new home. We will need every dollar possible to build the house. I am so thankful that God is watching over us! God is great!!!
=) Jessica

Sunday, February 13, 2011

10 Reasons Why This Doesn't Suck!!

Here's my top 10 list. This is not in any particular order except for number one!
  1. My husband is alive!!!!!!!
  2. No more deployments!!!!!! When this is all over Chaz will should not miss anymore birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or big events.
  3. No more stinky feet in our house. I won't have anymore stinky socks in my hamper or on the floor. The dogs and kids won't run away when he takes his shoes off. I won't have to cover the house in something to cover the smell up.
  4. He won't cut me with his toe nails in bed anymore. I don't have to nag him about not taking care of his feet. We have argued over this many times.
  5. We will get awesome parking since we are now members of the blue man group.
  6. Chaz and I have been able to bond even closer with our Dads. We both love our Dads, but this has made us become even closer to them. Moms we of course love you too, but we've always kept that relationship with you.
  7. Our girls can now talk to their Daddy pretty much whenever they want.
  8. We're in DC! I am so going to use this opportunity as a learning experience for our family. There is so much to do and we'll have lots of time to do it. And we'll get to do it as a family!!
  9. Chaz is getting some of the best medical care possible. This is not how I wanted to experience it, but I am thankful for the technology.
  10. We have been able to reconnect with some awesome friends. You know who you are!! This is not the way I wanted to reconnect, but I am glad to say it's a positive effect of this.
Please understand this is how we heal. Chaz and I look at everything with humor and positivity. One of the first things he asked me was how did I pull myself up once I got the call. A few of these popped into my head. Since we have been on this road, we've added a few and we'll keep adding. Thanks again for all your prayers, support and understanding!!
=) Jessica

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Amazing Support

Every day I am more and more rewarded by all of your support. Chaz and I had no idea how many lives we have touched until his accident. I thank God for allowing us to be apart of your lives and I can only hope you also feel a smidge of the blessing he has given us. I praise God for facebook. How amazing is all of this?! Someone tell Mark Zuckerburg (?) thanks from the Allen family. He deserves a pat on the back for enabling us to establish this incredible network. This is what facebook is for (in my opinion).

We are having a hard time being on the receiving end. We have always given to others with no intentions of reciprocation. It is absolutely amazing the support we have receive through cards, hugs, calls, emails and facebook. We are still in awe that the first T-shirt order was over 200. You guys lift us up each and every day. We can never thank you all enough for all of your support. I only hope that sharing our lives with you can bring you some type of comfort in knowing God has already begun the blessings in our lives and with our faith those blessings will continue. When we can, we will pay this forward. I don't know how or when, but I know we will.

I again thank you for your support. I thank you for your comments. I thank you for allowing me to vent out some of my frustrations. Most importantly I thank you for your prayers. My husband is living proof of the power of prayer. He would not be where he is without your prayers. Please keep them coming so perhaps we can shorten this long road.
=) Jessica

Monday, February 7, 2011

Chaz's Physical Condition

In all the confusion, I forgot the update on Chaz's physical condition. He did lose both legs above the knee. There was a complication along the way and they had to go above the knee on both legs. When you lose a arm or leg the bodies reaction is to spread out. So Chaz's legs are in shrinkers right now to help prepare his legs for prosthetics. We got to go see several choices last Wednesday before I left. The doctors are thrilled that his legs are doing so well. It is amazing that he is in shrinkers within 2 weeks. The physical therapists are hilarious but pushy. They are a perfect match for our family. We have a very similar attitude. He will start physical therapy this week and before we know it he will be on shorties and then be back to 6 foot before we know it.

His elbow was shattered in 7 places. Right now we have to wait to see what is the best course of treatment for his elbow. They can't decide if they should put humpty dumpty back together or just build him a new one. Hopefully we will have that decision this week. He and I both are ready to get the healing on!! Unfortunately he lost a patch of skin and muscle that covers your elbow. So when they fix his elbow they will be removing a patch of skin and muscle from his back and will attach that to his elbow. When this surgery occurs he will go back to ICU for at least 3 days for the simple fact that something could go wrong fast and they want to be on top of it.

Chaz has tested negative for Tramatic Brain Injury 3 times. This is a very big blessing. He can tell you the exact play by play of what happened. He knows what day it is (better than I do) and finally got to get some great sleep once we got him settled. He is having happy dreams, which sounds trivial, but is actually a really big deal. His first dream was about being home and playing with the kids in the backyard. The next one was about a truck he wants, and God Bless him he knew every detail about that truck. Yes I was in there too, but that's none of your business. ;) Yes he has re-lived the incident and is talking about it as well.

I cannot stress enough the wonderful care we have received at Walter Reed. They are focused on Chaz, but they have taken excellent care of me as well. We even have someone who is there for our kids when they arrive. We all have the same feeling, we hate that we have to be there, but there isn't a better place for us to be. God has put all of these key players in our life to help us through this battle. We can feel his arms around us. It is an incredible feeling and I am so thankful. Please keep praying for us. It is your prayers that is making all of this possible. Don't stop anytime soon! Please feel free to ask me questions. I will answer them the best I can!
=) Jessica

Sunday, February 6, 2011

From the French reporter who was with my husband.....

Dear Mrs Allen,

I am writing you first to have some news from Chaz. I am the French reporter who was following his patrol on the day it all happened. Together with my colleague Gilles, we would like to express all our thoughts. We would like to tell you we witnessed the extraordinary courage and bravery with which he behaved. Sgt Allen impressed us all the more that we were actually focusing on him while covering this recon operation which he was leading, with so much calm and professionalism.
If you allow us I would like to send him a support message on his e-mail (which one of his friends gave us).
Also, when you feel it's possible, and if you feel ok about it, we would like to come to see you both in a few weeks from now, to interview him, yourself, some of his friends maybe, in order to be able to tell his story in a longer piece.

God bless you.

Michel Scott
Envoyé de mon iPad

Team Allen

First we can't believe the fund even exists. But Chaz and I are very happy that it is there. We have no idea what is going to happen down this road. We are thankful that we have something to look to just in case we need it.

As of Wednesday, I began flying back and forth between TN and DC. You can only imagine how hard that decision was to make. Please know I did not make the decision without consulting a lot of people (mostly doctors). Chaz and I have always put our girls first. Right now they all need me as much as he does. Since cloaning is still not available, we have chosen this route. When I am gone, my mom and sister are stepping up to care for the girls. Chaz and I decided it would be too tramatic and stressful for all of us if we moved them to DC right now. However, I will be taking them to DC for Spring Break. Hopefully Chaz will be a little better off and might take them for a spin in his power chair. The Army has paid for my first 3 flights, but I do not know how many more they will pay for. I have learned that Southwest is the cheapest and it is $159 each way. Once the Army tells me I am on my own, I will look to the Allen fund unless I come up with a different solution.

We will also have to build a new house. Our house is not friendly towards Chaz's condition. Any funds in the Allen fund will go towards the construction of our new home. Obviously we are not building anything today, but I imagine we will begin this project within the next year.

Once I get a chance I will turn the Team Allen fund into a non-profit. I would love to see something great come out of this. Between Chaz and I there is no telling what we can do. I would like to open up a financial education center so I can teach people all about how to use their money to better themselves. Chaz likes to teach people about computers. Both of us have a lot to offer and can totally pay all of this kindness forward.

Please let me say thank you again for all of your prayers, support and understanding. I truly hate that our family has to go through this. But God allowed me to keep my husband and to me and our girls that is all that matters. I am thankful that his accident occurred in 2011 and not in an earlier year. God has blessed so many people with so much knowledge and that is one of our biggest blessings. I am grateful to have all of you around to help us through. I can travel back and forth knowing I have so many people looking out for our girls. Chaz says everyone caring for his girls makes this so much easier. Your caring and support are a very important part of his recovery and I thank you all for everything.
=) Jessica