Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Step to the Side!

Chaz is not being moved to the Rehab team yet, he will have to remain on the Trauma team for a little longer. His skin that was taken from his back has attached perfectly to his elbow, which is a huge blessing. But today we discovered that the skin graft from one part of his of his back to the other did not take 100%. It did take over 50% though. They told us on a scale of 1-10 his surgery last Tuesday was a 15 and if they have to re-graft his back it will be a 1. We will have the definite decision tomorrow and if they do decide to graft it again, he will have surgery Monday. This is totally not bad news, it is just a step to the side. We are both still is high spirits and he is moving on with his physical therapy and is definitely moving forward in his healing process.

Just to prove how great he's doing, Chaz moved himself from his power chair to his bed today!!!!! This is huge, by the way and I was scared to death to watch him do it, just like I am when I watch our oldest run and do a round off- back tuck. But he went over the plan with me and then excuted it perfectly. Once again proving I am married to the most amazing man! One month and two days after losing his legs and braking an arm, he transfers himself from the chair to the bed by himself. I am so glad he saves the best moments for me!! What a great day!! Thank the Lord for another great day for Team Allen!!!

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