Monday, February 7, 2011

Chaz's Physical Condition

In all the confusion, I forgot the update on Chaz's physical condition. He did lose both legs above the knee. There was a complication along the way and they had to go above the knee on both legs. When you lose a arm or leg the bodies reaction is to spread out. So Chaz's legs are in shrinkers right now to help prepare his legs for prosthetics. We got to go see several choices last Wednesday before I left. The doctors are thrilled that his legs are doing so well. It is amazing that he is in shrinkers within 2 weeks. The physical therapists are hilarious but pushy. They are a perfect match for our family. We have a very similar attitude. He will start physical therapy this week and before we know it he will be on shorties and then be back to 6 foot before we know it.

His elbow was shattered in 7 places. Right now we have to wait to see what is the best course of treatment for his elbow. They can't decide if they should put humpty dumpty back together or just build him a new one. Hopefully we will have that decision this week. He and I both are ready to get the healing on!! Unfortunately he lost a patch of skin and muscle that covers your elbow. So when they fix his elbow they will be removing a patch of skin and muscle from his back and will attach that to his elbow. When this surgery occurs he will go back to ICU for at least 3 days for the simple fact that something could go wrong fast and they want to be on top of it.

Chaz has tested negative for Tramatic Brain Injury 3 times. This is a very big blessing. He can tell you the exact play by play of what happened. He knows what day it is (better than I do) and finally got to get some great sleep once we got him settled. He is having happy dreams, which sounds trivial, but is actually a really big deal. His first dream was about being home and playing with the kids in the backyard. The next one was about a truck he wants, and God Bless him he knew every detail about that truck. Yes I was in there too, but that's none of your business. ;) Yes he has re-lived the incident and is talking about it as well.

I cannot stress enough the wonderful care we have received at Walter Reed. They are focused on Chaz, but they have taken excellent care of me as well. We even have someone who is there for our kids when they arrive. We all have the same feeling, we hate that we have to be there, but there isn't a better place for us to be. God has put all of these key players in our life to help us through this battle. We can feel his arms around us. It is an incredible feeling and I am so thankful. Please keep praying for us. It is your prayers that is making all of this possible. Don't stop anytime soon! Please feel free to ask me questions. I will answer them the best I can!
=) Jessica

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