Saturday, February 19, 2011

How I Do It...

I have been asked again and again how I do it, so here ya go!

Every Wednesday (except this week, because I am going on Tuesday to be there for our anniversary) I fly one way. I will drop my cuties off at school and make it to the airport for my 10am flight to DC I land at 1 and am greeted by our awesome friends Donna & Adam with a yummy Chai and we are off to the hospital. I usually stay until 8ish and tuck my hunny in and then go to Adam & Donna's to rack out myself. The Army gives me a hotel, but they are so cold and lonely. Our friends have provided me with a home away from home. Which is freaking sweet (Family Guy reference here), by the way. Then on Monday through Fridays I get up at 5:30 (DC time) to get ready and go be with Chaz all day. Luckily Adam has to be a work at a similar time so he slows down long enough for me to jump and roll out (just kidding he comes to a complete stop (sometimes). So I am a now an un-licensed, (but learning super fast) nurse for those days. Chaz calls me his beck and call girl and is highly enjoying it. Since he is like a new baby, he mostly sleeps and eats, but we have a little playtime in there. We have been able to have the best conversations during these times. They have shown me exactly why I said "I do." We all know I love to talk, but believe it or not I do know how to listen. I usually also make him get in his wheelchair for at least a little bit so he can get out of that bed and away from those walls. On Saturdays and Sundays, we all sleep in. These days are the best. Chaz gets lots of rest and the doctors usually are not around. So we get even more quality time together.

Adam & Donna are amazing. We have been blessed to know them for over 12 years now and we are so thankful to have them in our lives. They have been my bodyguards, drivers. food runners, chai runners. listeners, comforters and then they step in and check on Chaz when I am in TN! They are AMAZING!!!!

On the Wednesdays that I head to TN, I spend the mornings with Chaz and then I have to leave between 12-1 to get to my afternoon flight. I have been making it back by dinner time each time. So I get to come back get covered in hugs and kisses (and last time a dog bite). Last time my parent's dog freaked when I hugged De and bit my hand. She wanted to make sure I knew my role! I eat dinner with my kiddos and then we snuggle up and watch TV and get ready for the next day. Then we just move on as normal, except I usually spend my whole day doing taxes and talking on the phone to clients and Army people. They are going to school, dance and girl scouts as normal.

I hate Wednesday mornings because I have to leave someone, but I love Wednesday afternoons because I get to bring a smile to someone's face. So I totally get to end the day on a high note. I love being able to be with my hubby, but I also enjoy coming back to our normal life where our kids just want Mom. I am actually thankful for all the deployments we've been through. Daddy being gone is now normal to them. According to all of their teachers, the girls are doing very well.

One thing is for sure, my life is like a roller coaster, that luckily only flips occasionally. But sweet baby Jesus when it flips, it is nauseating (they should make a special dramamine for this). I know I have many more flips to come, but after what we've gone through so far I know we're ready. I once again must say thank you for your support and prayers. I can feel the love and support everyday. You can only imagine all the comfort you all bring. We are so blessed you have you all. Thank you!
=) Jessica
* To be completely honest, I don't know how I do it. I just know it has to be done so I just keep on going! ;)

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