Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sitting Down for Just a Sec....

I have been so busy that I am horribly behind on work, phone calls, emails, you name it. But this week is my catch up week and I am going to get caught up. I would say even if I am working from sun up to sun down, but I am already doing that so, there goes that theory. Regardless I am going to get caught up. 

So what is going on? Here's the short list. Things are great at YRF. We are doing so many awesome things, but to make that the awesomeness happen we have a lot of work to do. I could write a blog just about that. I am trying to close out my tax office for the year, but I cannot find the time to finish the last few returns I need to do. I am closing out De's Girl Scout troop for good because the girls have all become busy with other things. I have to get both girls ready for their week long camp in a few weeks. I am trying to build my hubby a house that suits his needs and do everything that needs to be done to this one (again I could just write a blog on that). I need to sit down and close out the school year for the girls. And this is recital weekend. Again this is the short list. The actual full list might frighten you away. ;)

Shockingly I have Chaz's appointments, equipment, paperwork and etc all squared away. I have medical appointments for the girls and I squared away, yes including Ginger. Yesterday I realized what I really need to do is just sit down for a sec and breathe. So I did. I made a list of what I wanted to do in addition to what I need to do. To my surprise, I did have enough paper.

I don't know where I would be without my lists. Being a caregiver is exhausting. From the time we get up to the time we go to bed we just go-go-go. I personally get up at least one hour before Chaz so I can have time to think. I have to have just some time for me so I can get my head straight before I start my day. I know that my beginning hour of the day may be the only time in the day that I will have for me. Most of my days are like that. And no I am not complaining. This is just how my life is. The past 2 months we have had so many other things added in that I felt that I could not even turn around.

Do you know what I love about my hubby? I love that he supports me and all my craziness. I love the fact that he tries to help me do everything. I love that he supports me helping others. I love that he takes anything he can off of my plate. We really do make an excellent team. Yes we are as opposite as opposite can be, but boy do we compliment each other well.

On date night the other night my super cute hubby let me know that he is so happy that in less than two weeks I have an almost a 90 day straight break from traveling. We have a few things that involve traveling, but nothing like the past few non-stop weeks that we are almost through. He even asked again for a list that he could knock out so he could help me.

This morning I was going through my normal routine and I sat down for just a sec. I realized that I am truly blessed that my hubby is able to help me accomplish so much. Where would I be without such a great partner? I could accomplish those to-dos alone, but having someone who supports you and wants to help you succeed makes things that much better.

This year will be another big year for us. The new house will be finished before December 31. We will get moved and we will move forward like we have needed to for so long. The most important part is that we will move on together into our happily ever after. One day really soon we all will be able to sit down for more than a sec and actually take it all in and enjoy the blessings that we are working so hard to accomplish. But for now I will take the random pauses I can get while I wait for the big one to come.