Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another Step to the Side!

So yesterday was a very stressful day. Everything was going really well. Chaz was having a great day. We got him up and dressed and as we went to help him get into his chair he lost his balance and went to catch himself and ended up popping 3 staples out. Poor Chaz, he was instantly in pain and was afraid he had done significant damage. The doctors and nurses came flying in his room and began to check him out. I was perfectly fine until they pulled the bandage off of his back. All the blood made me nauseous so the PT (Physical Therapist), OT (Occupational Therapist) and I went out into the hallway. They told me I looked green and I would not doubt it at all. They confessed that they couldn't handle it either. So we sat and let the docs work away. I knew it was better to puke outside of his room. But just so you know, I survived without tossing my cookies.

Luckily he just popped those 3 staples, but it was enough to produce a good amount of blood. Unfortunately since it happened he now has to have the dressings changed 3 times a day. This is not fun. They literally rip his back off when they change these out. They told me that they may get to go down to 2 if it looks better Monday. But we've figured out the best times of the day and make sure he gets an extra dose of meds before they change it. So we have made it a little better.

Chaz was a little hard on himself for the accident. But he has gotten over it. Tomorrow he will be getting back in that chair and we are rocking on forward!!! This morning one of the surgeons said he doesn't see surgery next week. But he will more than likely have to have another skin graft but it will be a while before he's ready. Time will reveal this answer!

While in Afghanistan Chaz contracted MRSA, a type of staph infection. Walter Reed is monitoring it very closely. So closely in fact, Infectious Disease has been called in. They checked Chaz all over and are trying to figure out how to run MRSA off. This is not a step to the side at all, this is a huge help. If we can manage his MRSA this will make his life easier. We should have an answer back on this one next week too.

I realized yesterday why there are so many medical dramas on TV. My goodness the drama does not stop!! It is crazy. I am so thankful for the medical staff of Walter Reed. They have taken very good care of Chaz and I. I don't know if I can ever thank them enough. They have made this all so much easier to deal with and I am so grateful.

Well I am off to crash out to go do it again. We got a new neighbor who has some super cool family members. I am sure we'll be getting to know them. Yep it's another double amputee. Please also lift this family up in prayer!!
=) Jessica

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