Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, Feb 28

What a day?! I stayed the night last night at the hospital with Chaz. I have started staying with him every other night at the hospital with him (Momma needs a break from the hospital every other night). I seriously don't know how people stay there all the time. Hospitals are draining and are so not the place to get rest!! Just saying.....

So 6am enter the Ortho team to come and change and check all of Chaz's bandages. I get up at 5:30 everyday, but Chaz has never been nor will he ever be a morning person. So 6am is a little rough for him. So starting with the Ortho team, every other department in the hospital came through Chaz's room today (seriously name them, I guarantee we talked with them). Then we found out that Chaz had to go for an ultrasound so we walked and talked to his Warrior Transition Leader to Ultrasound and back. While we were there Chaz got way too hot and almost passed out (not fun). So I had to open the doors and explain what I was doing and that they needed to get the lead out or come find us later. Got him back up stairs long enough to get him back to bed and talk to more doctors (this is where the plastic surgeon comes in to tell us Chaz is going in for a wash out) and then do a little OT. Then we were visited by representatives of the Gathering of Eagles. Then I took off to grab lunch (and walked and talked to our social worker) came back to more vistors and then we loaded back up in the power chair to go to the MATC (this is the amputee Physical Therapy center). The MATC is amazing. Name the disability and I guarantee there are multiples there. I'll talk about the MATC another day (it deserves it's own note). Chaz and I then went back to his room, got him back in bed and racked out!! We finally got 5 minutes alone and we just passed out. From this moment on we just vegged out! Wow what a day! It was a good but busy day! And now it time for a good night sleep. I just hope Chaz sleeps as well. We both should sleep like rocks after our crazy day!
=) Jessica

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