Friday, March 4, 2011

Fisher House!!

I just got the best news!!! We have a room at the Fisher House!!! We were told it would be months before we would get in. I got a call today that we trumped everyone. (I really want to know who made that call). They said Chaz and I have sacrificed enough and this was the least that could be done for us. Kind of cool huh?! I really hope I don't meet the familes that they put us in front of!

Now we will have a home away from home that is closer to the hospital. Donna and Adam have given me a lovely place to stay, but now I can stop being a leech on them (I know you guys are reading this. You know how independent I am (big kiss here).

If you don't know about the Fisher House then go check them out. It is amazing! I was also told that the Fisher House will be keeping a close eye on me. They manager said he heard I do too much and that I don't know how to recieve. So whoever made the call, obviously knows me well.
Also when Chaz gets to leave his room I will be able to take him there. WAHOO!!!!! This is a huge victory for Team Allen!!!

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