Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wow! What a Day!!

God is great, but I fear your heart can burst from too much joy?! Just kidding!! What an amazing day yesterday?! I was just excited because the kids would get to see Chaz's new legs. But no my rock star of a hubby has to stand up in them and then once he got his balance he starts to step.

Since Chaz's legs have healed so well they decided last Wednesday to push forward with ordering his legs. I was a little shocked, but trust me these people know what they are doing. When I left last Wednesday the prosthetic people put him in his suction cup shrinkers. They then decided he would come back down that afternoon and would be cast so they make the tops of his legs. He even got to pick out his shoes. He laughed because he had to go down one size for right now. That is so he can maintain his balance to height ratio. Friday he got the call that they would be ready on Monday. I shrieked because I knew our girls would be here.

So yesterday morning off when went to the prosthesis's lab. The girls were a little intimidated because there were so many people. We had several doctors and nurses who wanted to see Chaz stand. In the lab, he stood up and that's when I took the pic of him standing with the girls. This was of course after I dried my face from the happy tears! I was not the only one with tears, trust me. It was an incredible moment. One I will always cherish and it was even better because our girls were there. Mike (prosthesis expert) made marks on them so he could fix them real quick and then we took him to the MATC (Physical Therapy room).

Bo (prosthesis therapist, lady in the melon colored shirt in pics) got him up and then he went for the step. She let him go for it. He took a few steps and then we had him take a break and Mike made more corrections and then we got him to do some of his stretches. He then decided he wanted to go one more round with the legs. That round he walked all the way down the bars turned around and walked back and sat down! Believe it or not, there were no tears here, I was too shocked.

I have to admit I am a little upset that Chaz never told me he was such a rock star. I always knew he was absolutely amazing. That's why I said "I do". I am bursting with pride over the amount of determination he has. I have always been proud of his accomplishments. This would be why I have a love me wall for him in our office to celebrate his awards. It is hard to describe the level of pride you have to see someone you love so much take a huge hit and then laugh about it and kick it's ass! One thing is for sure, God sent me the right man. I am so thankful for that!

Once we were done with all that excitement we went back to Chaz's room for lunch. Once again our cuties were a little overwhelmed with all of the people. But luckily they were the right people, it was the crew of doctors who authorize passes for Chaz. I then put the girls in front of me and then ask for an overnight pass for Chaz. Oh yes, I used our girls. But every one of you reading this would have done the exact same thing. You know his lead doctor didn't even bat an eye and said yes. De was so excited. After they walked away she asked "Does that mean we get to keep him at home tonight." (Yes they are calling the Fisher House home). When I told her yes she smiled from ear to ear.

The rest of the day was spent with the girls taking turns pushing daddy around, playing video games and playing on the playground. A group of volunteers brought the Fisher House Families a yummy Irish dinner and we feasted and met a few new faces. It was nice to eat with some new and old faces and enjoy the beautiful evening.

I can only wonder what God has in store for us today! I hope it's another beautiful day full of smiles and laughter. But never less, our little family is together and we are loving every second of it!
=) Jessica

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