Monday, March 14, 2011

Chaz's Wound

For those of you who don't know Chaz's first skin graft did not fully take on the first try. Last week they took him in on Wednesday to try it again. On Wednesday they re-grafted his skin and then put a wound vac on it and restricted his activity for 5 days. Today was day 6 so the dressings and vac came off. I am pleased to report that it looks like 99.5% of it took. There's a very small part that lifted when the bandage came off but 3 out of 4 doctors weren't worried. The one that was worried also once told us that Chaz's hand wouldn't get to where it is. Remember people doctors are only practicing medicine. Once again Chaz is living proof of the power of prayer!

So we are back on course and we are waiting for the cadaver surgery, which will be sometime in April. We will be getting passes out of the hospital on a frequent basis and if all goes well he will get to stay the night with the girls and I at the Fisher House at least once while they are here. As of today he will remain inpatient, so I will continue the one week here, one week there until that surgery.

Keep those prayers coming!!!
=) Jessica

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