Friday, March 25, 2011

New Normal

What's does normal look like for us now?

I get up at 6am, this hasn't changed. I get my self ready and enjoy the peace and quiet because the rest of the day will be filled with "Hey, Mom" and/or "Hey, Jess." Usually Chaz stirs long enough for me to give him his Lovonox shot (he had a small blot clot a few months ago) and his meds. Then I make him go back to sleep. Everyone starts stirring around 8ish. I then have to get the three of them dressed, brushed (teeth & hair) and fed. Then we're off to PT and OT.
Chaz is very fortunate to have such excellent therapists. They make everything so much easier. He usually finishes all his therapies in just enough time to go get lunch. We usually dine in his room. We've tried to eat in the cafeteria, but it has been packed lately. Right now we get him for an overnight pass, but we have to check in everyday to be able to get another pass. So the other reason we have lunch in his room is so all the doctors can see him and see that he is still doing very well. You've got to love multi-tasking.
Once everyone has passed through to see Chaz and take his vitals. We get another overnight pass. I have been told when I come back I should get a 3 day pass for the weekend because everything is going so well. In case you are wondering, why are we still in the hospital. Chaz is remaining as an inpatient until he gets his elbow surgery. Once he heals to their liking we will be out of there for good. We could go outpatient now, but to us is doesn't make any sense to check out to turn around and check back in. Chaz really likes his nurses and fears if he checks out and back in he may go to a different Ward. So we will just take passes and do what we have to do! It's very fustrating that the elbow is holding us up! Since we are in an Army hospital we are actually involved in the decision process. In the civilian world, we would have been kicked out at 20 times by now. This is one more thing we are thankful for!
Weleave and  have dinner at the Fisher House. Usually I cook. We are not big fast food/ eating out people. My family enjoys my cooking, so I cook away! Best of all, we have a full kitchen now, which is awesome!! I highly enjoy the Fisher House kitchen. Chaz asked me yesterday if it was the one I wanted. I said I would not complain, at all. It is very user friendly.
We usually let the kiddos play with the other kiddos. Then we snuggle up, watch a movie and go to bed. Sounds super simple, but I have to dose out a bunch of meds (at 6A, 10A, 2P, 6P and 10P) and give two shots to Chaz everyday. He also has a powerchair that we dodge all day, so we can keep our toes. Chaz also has special chairs for every bathroom function. He has already mastered them. I am telling you the man is a rockstar!!!!

The important thing is we areall  doing extremely well. The social worker and child shrink have signed off that they are not concerned about the girls at all. They observed them for hours and said they were amazed at how well they are adjusted. Of course Chaz still has a lot of checkmarks to get through, but it is all hanging on that elbow. They have told us more than once we are ready to go! But we have to finish that elbow. The doctors said we have a lot to talk about next week. Chaz is having more blood drawn today to see if his body is ready for the surgery. If he is, then we can get this last phase rocking.  
Please keep those prayers coming. We want this elbow surgery to be a huge success. The elbow is the hardest joint on your body to repair. The doctors are even concerned about the elbow. They have even suggested Chaz keep it fused, but this is not what he wants, so we are going to be going for it! Please pray hard for his elbow and the doctors and surgeons who will be working on it. God is listening, talk to him!
=) Jessica

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