Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Reunion Day!!!

For those of you who don't know my mom and step dad live about 10 minutes from the airport. It made more sense to stay Saturday night with them and jump on our 10AM flight. The girls loved this idea. They got to sleep over with Grannie and Papa and then go see Daddy. What's not to love?!

As usual I was up at 6ish, but I wanted to wait until 730ish to wake them. De woke up on her own, but Ry happily woke up when I reminded her what we were doing. They were eager to wear their new dresses from Miss Joann (which were freaking adorable, weren't they). Grannie spoiled them with pancakes and Aunt Shelly got to see us off as we walked out the door.

I think we had the fastest unloading at the airport curb for 3 people ever. It was crazy. Those girls were booking it. Ry said more than once that she wasn't missing that plane. We grabbed our passes and went onto security. I was very nervous about the girls and security but one of the TSA guys remembered me from bringing Chaz a heart shaped pillow and blanket (thanks to our NEES family) and told me to come to him. He pushed us straight one through. He said, "Gotta scan your bags, but we know where you're going."

I took the girls down to the play area to run out a little energy before they were packed into the plane. We then went to sit and wait. The attendant then asked for the passenger with the last name of Allen. I went up there to see what was going on. They asked if I could switch seats. I pointed to the girls and said, "Uh no, we're a package deal." The female attendant began to freak out, so I had to ask what is the problem. She informed me that the explosive dog need to be in my seat and they didn't know what they were going to do. I said does the handler have a seat and she says yes right next to you. I said well then I guess we're good. She then informs me that I will not have enough foot room due to the size of the dog. I then said, "So if I agree to possibly lose my foot room can we board this plane." She says, "Yes, this is what is holding us up." I then look at the handler and ask him if he's cool with it and asked if he was an Army dog. He says yes and yes. I then inform him we're family and then look at the attendant and tell her let's board this plane.

So we got settled and I made a new friend. The dog was more nervous the girls were. The dog provided the perfect distraction. He loved me so much that he tried to put all of his 85 pounds in my lap. The handler and I held that poor thing for the majority of the trip. The girls had to shake me off when we landed because I had so much dog hair on me. By the way I had no problems with leg room. That dog was awesome and his handler was too.

Adam and Donna greeted us off the plane and we loaded up to head to the house. Chaz called to let me know he didn't care what I brought him as long as it was food. Ry began to pout and informed me, "I don't want to stop anywhere. I want my Daddy." I told her that her Daddy was hungry and he needed to be fed. She did get over it once we let her choose the restaurant.

We walked into the Fisher House and began to walk past Chaz. He was sitting in the Family room. The girls paused and then ran to their Daddy. Deryn looked at him and almost cried until he grabbed her. That of course made me tear up. She knew he was ok, but it has to be hard to be 5 and 8 and see you Daddy in a wheel chair. He looks absolutely fabulous, but that is their Daddy and it takes a moment to digest it. Before we left and in the car ride over I gave them the breakdown of what he looks like. But it is still one of those things you have to digest once you actually see it. Chaz immediately healed their wounds. He grabbed them and provided them with the reassurance that everything is and will be ok. It took Ry a little longer to digest it, but the pictures tell the whole story. The girls are great, Chaz is great and I am great. Those smiles are not fake, nor forced.

Our girls are so happy here at the Fisher House. Deryn has already made a new friend and I'm sure Ry will too once we find someone close to her age. The girls left Chaz and I to talk with our friends and they played on the playground and in our room. It was amazing to see the peace that seeing Chaz brought them. They were just so happy to be in the same area as him.

On March 20, we officially began our new normal! What an amazing day?! I couldn't have planned anything better than what happened. As I reflect on the day, I still can't believe how wonderful it was. It was amazing to have all of my guilt go away. For now Chaz and I get to have our little family altogether and we are so thankful for it. We will have to return to our one week here, one week there schedule very soon, but Chaz and I realized we only have 8 weeks of that and then we are together for good. We've already done 8 weeks and look at how fast those flew by.

I have no idea what all we will do this week. Chaz was completely shocked that I haven't planned anything. Yes guys, I haven't planned anything. I figured we're only here for a week and that will fly by. Why should I make plans now?! We'll be in DC all summer. We have plenty of time to do things. For one week, I just want to enjoy our family. Being able to have meals together and watch movies is more than enough for me! I am just so thankful to have my family together!

Again we thank you all for your prayers and support! I promise I will keep posting pics as fast as I can. I know you are all as excited as we are. I hope you also have a great week!

=) Jessica

Waiting to take off at the airport

Striking a Pose

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