Sunday, March 6, 2011


WOW!! Team Allen's facebook page is over 1000 likes, that is crazy. Chaz and I talked about it last night and we just don't know what to say. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough. We have been so blessed by your prayers, meals, cards, calls and even more. I wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you for being our cheerleaders. Thank you for buying the T-shirts. I cannot wait for Chaz to see them walking around in person. I told him how awesome it is and how words cannot describe how cool it is to see people walking around in a T-shirt designed to support your husband. But to be him and see people wearing shirts for you has to be sureal. Our girls think it is so cool that shirts were made just for their Daddy.

Thank you Demetria Hale for everything you've done! Our families met in the early 80s and she and I have stayed in touch with her over the years. She is the brainchild behind the site, T-shirts, banner, etc. She has done an amazing job and thank you just isn't enough! I know she knows how much we appreciate her. But we know we'll never be able to show her just how much! Who would have ever thought those little girls playing in the playhouse in Morrison TN would grow up and go through this journey together!?! We are so grateful for you! Thank you!!

All of our NEES, FT Campbell, ADE, GS, KD, KWC, WCHS, Mom's Club, WRAMC peeps you are all amazing!! You have made this all easier to go through. You have lifted us up and helped made the road smoother. We could not do this alone and who would want to. Thank you for going on this journey with us and thank you for your neverending support!!
Much love to you all!!
=) Jessica

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