Saturday, March 19, 2011


So many exciting things are going on around our house. The four of us have waited very patiently for tomorrow. God has been so great! Chaz has healed so well he can now go out on passes. He will get some passes while the girls are there. He may even get overnight passes. Fingers crossed!!

There are so many blessings going on in our lives and we will reveal them all to you as they come along. Let's just put it to you this way. God has lined up all these amazing people in our lives right now to help us on this road. He is making this journey absolutely amazing!!! God is proving that if you put your faith in him he will carry you through any storm and he will reward you for your faithfulness. God is GREAT!!

Here are some of my favorite highlights from the past few days!
Thursday Chaz and the girls made a grocery list (via speakerphone) and planned out the first 3 meals for me to cook when we are up there. They have also decided on the cake we need to make to celebrate our 2nd month anniversary of his Alive Day!

Thursday night Ry was crying because she wanted to see Daddy. I told her if she went to sleep we would be one day closer. So she did and she woke up and said "it worked!!"

The girls are planning Daddy's exercise routine, because De says she knows some things that will help him. They will be following their excerises with smoothies.

We are ready for an amazing week!
Go Team Allen!!!!!

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