Monday, March 14, 2011


Super cool story, here it goes....
So when we first got to WRAMC I was leaving some stuff in Chaz's room and heading down to see him in Recovery (after one of many surgeries). As I walk out, I literally almost bumped into Holly Petraeus. She said hi and I proceeded to tell her how impressed I am with her as a military spouse. Then she and I had a great conversation about military life. She then informed me of her new job with the consumer protection bureau and I told her what I do and that I won that fellowship with the FINRA this year. She then asked me for my email. I thought, um ok. She gave me hers and I gave her mine and never thought I'd hear from her and then 10 days later poof an email from her and she and I have been emailing back and forth since.

Then the last time I came up she emailed me to let me know she was bringing the British Ambassador's wife to meet us. So we met again and that time she met Chaz. Then emailed me to let me know she told her hubby to get over here to meet us. (I am seriously not making this stuff up!)

So Howard (guy from Executive Services) grabs me Wednesday when I returned to tell me I have to have Chaz and myself in Chaz's room today. Someone has requested to see us. I ask who, he says General Petraeus. Of I think he's fluffing it up and now today I find out he's not kidding.

General Petraeus walks in the room and says, "Finally I get to meet Team Allen." He then tells us his wife has not stopped talking about us. We got to visit with him for awhile. It was funny to see that you cannot rush a 4 star general. Then he coined us (Donna too) and signed Chaz's flag (pic later). He then says, "Where did my wife sign?" We look and realized she didn't sign. He says, "Good I've got one on her. I'll make sure she gets back over here." Then we took the picture with him and then asks if I have internet on my phone I said yes and then he says, "Email that to Holly now and make sure you tell her she forgot to sign the flag. She needs to come take a picture too."

Great story, huh?!

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