Monday, March 7, 2011


The week of March 20 cannot get here fast enough. I seriously don't know who is the most excited out of the four of us. The girls can't wait to see their Daddy, he can't wait to see them and Chaz and I both just can't wait to have everyone in the same room at the same time. Our family will be together, finally and I can finally have a week free of guilt.

I have carried so much guilt since I began my travels back and forth. I feel guilty that I am missing things with our girls. I have missed dance events, Girl Scouts and just the little everyday things we all take for granted. Then when I'm in TN, I feel guilty that I am not there for Chaz. But within a few days, I will be guilt free for a week and before I know it our family will be together and this will all be just a memory. I have never wanted to fast forward time, but I am ready to hit that button. I know Chaz does too. He and I are ready to get on with our new normal.

I am thankful for all of the deployments we've been through. I truly believe going through them has made all of this easier. The girls and I have been separated from Chaz time and time again. We've been apart for a few weeks to 18 months. So this separation is minor to us and best of all we can call him pretty much whenever we want and Deryn loves the fact that she can text her Daddy. It is wonderful to have the priviledge of communication back in your hands. We all take it for granted but when you can celebrate the little things the bigger things are even greater!

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the girls.
Deryn, "Daddy says I can exercise with him. I am so going to teach him some good stuff."

Ryann, "So does Daddy have to go back to big work (deployments) now that he's hurt?
" Me. "Nope he's all ours now." Ryann, "Good cause I am so tired of big work."

Thanks again for your prayers and support!!!
=) Jessica

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