Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Email From France!!

Hi,  Mrs Allen
Hi Sergeant Allen.

I am French, I live in Normandy near the point of landing of the D-day.
I’m 45 and i work in Electricity company of France. (Saddened for my light english…)

We saw in France Michel Scott's report where you were hurt in operation.

I have no word to express you my sadness and my regrets. I wish that you recover well, as good as possible.

You are the pride of a whole world, the pride of many people. I often measure the price paid here in Normandy by the youth in war period.

I am with you wholeheartedly. If one day you decide to travel with your wife in France, you are my guest.
To meet you and to receive you would be an honor and a pleasure.

Indeed to you.

Amicalement, mes amitiés de France.

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