Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hero Miles

In case you don't know there is a program called Hero Miles. It is operated through the Fisher House foundation. In this program they find military families show need to fly back and forth to take care of business, family and etc. Due to abuse of the program there are limitations and exceptions. My first flight was paid for by the Army. My second and third flight was paid for by Hero Miles. Unfortunately you have to apply for every flight and you don't know if you if you get the flight or not until 48 hours before you fly. So yesterday I go down to file my request to fly. This fabulous lady, Brandi, asks if I would tell her what is going on and wants to know why I need to fly so much. So I tell her our story and how I am trying to let our girls keep our normal for as long as possible. I tell her I don't know what else to do besides fly back and forth and spend one week with my kids and a week with Chaz. I told her we are ot looking for a handout, but that I wanted to plan ahead. I wanted to go ahead and buy any tickets necessary to accomplish my goals of getting back and forth. Brandi then says, let me make a phone call.

Hours pass and I get a phone call from the Director of the Hero Miles program, Tish. She informs me that our family is the exact family they are looking for. She says we don't have a lot of families like the us and that it would be their priviledge to fly me every week necessary to be with our kids and Chaz. She thanked us for our service and then told me the tickets will also be extended to our kids whenever I am ready to bring them up. She even let me pick the flight times and everything. Absolutely AMAZING!!!

Here's what I need from you, help me thank them. Send them emails, donate your miles, what ever you want to do. She says currently no other family at Walter Reed is doing what we are doing and they are so happy to help. I have to help them, so please help me help them. I have already got my vets from the 101st donating miles. If you've got them and aren't using them or know someone who has the extra miles donate them. I won't be depleting their account but who knows how many other families will need this service down the road from now.

The best part about this is now we will not have to take money from the construction of our new home. We will need every dollar possible to build the house. I am so thankful that God is watching over us! God is great!!!
=) Jessica

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