Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Amazing Support

Every day I am more and more rewarded by all of your support. Chaz and I had no idea how many lives we have touched until his accident. I thank God for allowing us to be apart of your lives and I can only hope you also feel a smidge of the blessing he has given us. I praise God for facebook. How amazing is all of this?! Someone tell Mark Zuckerburg (?) thanks from the Allen family. He deserves a pat on the back for enabling us to establish this incredible network. This is what facebook is for (in my opinion).

We are having a hard time being on the receiving end. We have always given to others with no intentions of reciprocation. It is absolutely amazing the support we have receive through cards, hugs, calls, emails and facebook. We are still in awe that the first T-shirt order was over 200. You guys lift us up each and every day. We can never thank you all enough for all of your support. I only hope that sharing our lives with you can bring you some type of comfort in knowing God has already begun the blessings in our lives and with our faith those blessings will continue. When we can, we will pay this forward. I don't know how or when, but I know we will.

I again thank you for your support. I thank you for your comments. I thank you for allowing me to vent out some of my frustrations. Most importantly I thank you for your prayers. My husband is living proof of the power of prayer. He would not be where he is without your prayers. Please keep them coming so perhaps we can shorten this long road.
=) Jessica

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