Sunday, February 6, 2011

Team Allen

First we can't believe the fund even exists. But Chaz and I are very happy that it is there. We have no idea what is going to happen down this road. We are thankful that we have something to look to just in case we need it.

As of Wednesday, I began flying back and forth between TN and DC. You can only imagine how hard that decision was to make. Please know I did not make the decision without consulting a lot of people (mostly doctors). Chaz and I have always put our girls first. Right now they all need me as much as he does. Since cloaning is still not available, we have chosen this route. When I am gone, my mom and sister are stepping up to care for the girls. Chaz and I decided it would be too tramatic and stressful for all of us if we moved them to DC right now. However, I will be taking them to DC for Spring Break. Hopefully Chaz will be a little better off and might take them for a spin in his power chair. The Army has paid for my first 3 flights, but I do not know how many more they will pay for. I have learned that Southwest is the cheapest and it is $159 each way. Once the Army tells me I am on my own, I will look to the Allen fund unless I come up with a different solution.

We will also have to build a new house. Our house is not friendly towards Chaz's condition. Any funds in the Allen fund will go towards the construction of our new home. Obviously we are not building anything today, but I imagine we will begin this project within the next year.

Once I get a chance I will turn the Team Allen fund into a non-profit. I would love to see something great come out of this. Between Chaz and I there is no telling what we can do. I would like to open up a financial education center so I can teach people all about how to use their money to better themselves. Chaz likes to teach people about computers. Both of us have a lot to offer and can totally pay all of this kindness forward.

Please let me say thank you again for all of your prayers, support and understanding. I truly hate that our family has to go through this. But God allowed me to keep my husband and to me and our girls that is all that matters. I am thankful that his accident occurred in 2011 and not in an earlier year. God has blessed so many people with so much knowledge and that is one of our biggest blessings. I am grateful to have all of you around to help us through. I can travel back and forth knowing I have so many people looking out for our girls. Chaz says everyone caring for his girls makes this so much easier. Your caring and support are a very important part of his recovery and I thank you all for everything.
=) Jessica

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