Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ward 57

I have told you again and again how absolutely fabulous Chaz's doctors and nurses are. Well I have discovered they do not get thanked enough. So Saturday I cooked them a pot of pinto beans, pan of cornbread and some fried taters. As per Chaz's request. Last night I cooked them Lasagna. They were shocked and so thankful.

I would like to ask you all to send them a card to say thanks for helping the Allen Family. I want them to see the strength of Team Allen. I have been asked to bring a banner for the door and they want the logo too.
Here's the address:
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Nurses & Staff of Ward 57
6900 Georgia Ave NW
Washington DC 20307

Please take a few seconds and send them a card. If you'd like specific names here is a list of some of them.
LT Deane
LTC Cassella
SFC Janet
LT Park
LT Brussels
Mr Corbin
LT Plonski
ESN Milan
Ms Gaskill
Ms Arnette
Ms Stephanie
Spc Meckler

This is my short list! I can add a lot more later. My brain is almost fried!!
Thank you so much for taking time out to thank them.
=) Jessica

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