Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Night Out At Carmine's

Aleethia is an organization ran by some Veterans that is absolutely amazing. They coordinate these Friday night dinners for the wounded warriors and their families. We decided to join them last night and go to Carmine's. We had no idea where we were going, but we were up for the fun. We are both so glad we went!

We showed up at 5 and they had a bus for the guys to just wheel up on and lock their brakes and ride (which is awesome by the way) and then of course seats for us "leg-walkers." We arrived at Carmine's and were greeted by so many people I have no idea who was staff, people walking by, no clue, but they were all awesome. (Remember I am pushing Chaz in his manual chair the whole time). Then they show us into the restaurant and the entire place erupts in cheers and applause and they were all waving American flags. There had to be 300 plus people in there so it was a little loud, but it was really cool. I could have cried from the patriotism. It was simply awesome.

Then we go to our seats. We sat down to baskets of bread and then the food started and then just kept coming. They served us salad, manicotti, spaghetti with marinara, some type of Italian shrimp, chicken with lemon butter sauce, eggplant parmigiana, some type of spinach dish and then platters with 10 different desserts on them. It was insane and I mean that in the best way. The service was incredible. The staff was so kind and every other dish we got clean plates so we didn't mix the flavors.They gave you a plate, put everything out in front of you and then you pigged out!

Before dessert arrived they got up and spoke for a little bit. We found out that Darcars we responsible for our dinner and had Aleethia invite us. Darcars gave us all cinch sacks with Dunkin Donuts gifts card (there's one in the hospital) and tins filled with Chex mix that one of the CEOs made herself. She sat at our table and ate with us and was so nice. Then they had a door prize drawing and Chaz won an ipod shuffle. They gave 2 of them away and then executive suite tickets to the hockey playoffs coming up. Cool thing was all of those went to soldiers at our table!! We were rocking last night. Then they passed us all cupcakes from Georgetown cupcakes (which you'll know them from the TV show DC cupcakes).

Aleethia also heard Ryann's birthday is coming up and they brought us a gift for her. Can't give that one away yet! They want to take us to the Aquarium to see the Stingrays when the girls are here next weekend. And will even provide the transportation to make it easier for us. Turns out they love kids! They cracked me up last night. We had such a great time, we already RSVP'd for next Friday when the kids are here!!

If you get a sec, check out and read a little more about these awesome folks!
Have a great day!
=) Jessica

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