Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Stage We Are In!!

I know all the Army stuff is so confusing. It is even confusing for those of us who've been around for awhile. So I am going to take a few minutes to explain.
Obviously you know Chaz is active duty Army. When he goes from one section to another here (usually it's base to base) we have to out-process then in-process. So yesterday we out-processed from the main hospital. The doctors decided that the nurses have trained me well enough that I can care for Chaz on my own. I am now Chaz's Non-Medical Attendant (NMA). As his NMA I have now in-process into the Warrior Transition Unit with him. He has to do all the soldier stuff and I have to do the medical stuff, most of these meetings are together, which makes it easier. However, I think they should give us a license after everything they put us through (just saying). In-processing takes about 2 weeks. We have to take all sorts of classes, attending briefings and Chaz has to see a few new doctors. The great news is we keep his OT-Stephanie, his amputee therapist-Bo and his main doctor- Dr Himmler. These three woman are fabulous and I love them. We were incredibly relieved when we found out.
Today we have 5 appointments and luckily they are close together. But we have to get about 20 different signatures on these pieces of paper in order to fully process. These different signatures come from different departments all over WRAMC's campus. I seriously feel like I am back in college and am at Freshman Orientation, which is why I refer to this process as being a scavenger hunt. It's insane! In addtion today I have to meet with home health so I can learn how to administer Chaz's IV antiboditics. I am also trying to get us a handicap accessible rental van so we can get around more easily.
After we fully in-process, or complete our scavenger hunt as I call it, we will simply stay in the Warrior Transition Brigade until we get to bring Chaz home. We do not have a time line. Here's why, in less than 90 days Chaz was up and walking laps around the MATC. Come to find out, that's not normal, at all. He is doing really well. Back in January, we were told we'd be here for 4 years. Chaz has messed the plan up just a little, in a super great way. So the other day Bo said, I am not giving you guys anymore time lines. But there are a list of things he has to do to get out of here. Most importantly he has to walk around the MATC preferably with only one cane or no cane at all and he has to have a workable knee and be able to go up and down stairs before we get to go home.
So for now we will stay at the Fisher House. To me it's like a Bed and Breakfast where you cook your own meals.The Fisher Foundation has an amazing thing going on here. It's a home away from home. The nice thing is we are on campus so we don't have to deal with traffic yet. We will stay at the Fisher House until the WTB gets us an apartment. We are on the waiting list, but we have to fully in-process into the WTB to move into the apartments at 1200. So hopefully we'll get all the in-processing stuff done the beginning of this month and then move out to the apartment later this month. But who knows, the important thing is our family has a nice place to call home while we are dealing with all of this. We are planning take leave (civilians that's what we Army folks call vacation) in June and come home to TN for a little bit. But that could all change too. We have to get medical clearance for him to travel. He can only fly at certain altitudes and they don't want him in a vehicle for an extended time. I keep telling him baby steps dear, baby steps.
Most importantly we are all doing fine. The girls arrive on Friday and so do both of our moms! We are really excited! We are going to celebrate Ry's 6th b-day and then Mother's Day all together. Chaz is excited he gets to have all of his moms together, even his little mommas. We are going to have a fabulous weekend for sure!
Now we've go to get up and on with In-processing Day 2. We hope you all have a great day!
=) Jessica

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