Saturday, May 14, 2011

People Along Our Path!

 It seems like everyday we are blessed with another person (sometimes persons) entering our lives to help us on this journey. When I got that phone call on January 22, I feared for what may or may not come. I worried about everything I did not know. Then I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace and I just let go. Ever since then, Chaz, the girls and I have been blessed again and again.

I knew we had amazing friends, but our friends have totally exceeded our expectations. Chaz and I are truly simple people. We have always given to others with no expectations of anything in return. We are not the "tally marking" kind of people. We don't keep up with what we've done for you, so you give back to us. We could care less about receiving anything in return. We believe it's our duty to help others. We are both called to serve, that's for sure. Actually we've had a hard time with all of this receiving. It's crazy! Things just keep showing up. We have a ton of homemade blankets that are just awesome. Each one was made with so much care and love and you can see that in the work. We have a full box of T-shirts, a full box of hats and a full box of cards and drawings. That's just what's here at the Fisher House, this is not counting everything at our house. And this is just the beginning.

We are totally overwhelmed by the generosity of others. We are amazed at the Team Allen website and now the Team Allen fundraiser. This is all insane, in a great way! Chaz and I were very scared when this all started. We knew our lives had changed forever. We knew we would have to adjust everything. We knew we'd have to build a new home and change every single detail about our current daily living. Within a few days here at WRAMC our worries about daily life went away. We discovered we were in great hands. We knew Chaz would get back to totally independent life in all due time. It was nice to be able to check that box! And look at my amazing hubby, in less than 2 months he was up and walking!

With the daily living activities box checked, we moved on to working on the house, in baby steps of course! Secretly I pray every night Ty Pennington is going to show up and take all of our worries away. But realistically I know that is not going to happen. So we started the financial and construction plans. We will be maximizing our short time in TN next month meeting with a few people who will help us get this all started. It is going to take a long time to make all this happen. It is going to be a while before we get back to TN for good and it will be a while before the house is built, but we're at least starting it all. Just getting started is one important part of the process. The most amazing part is how God just keeps putting all these people in our path to help us along the way. We are truly confident in the people who have been put in our path.

It is so awesome to know that everything will be fine. I know we'll have hiccups and set backs, but I know we'll be fine. God is doing great things for us. Before we know it all this will just be a distant memory. One day we will be settled into our new house and back to a normal routine. But in the immediate future we are focusing on healing Chaz physically and we are going to finally be a family. I've only waited 12 years to have Chaz to myself and the girls are truly looking forward to having their Daddy for a while. Ry says she is so glad Daddy doesn't have anymore big work to do. (She calls deployments big work). We are going to have a great healing process for sure. We're going to make it that way. God has given us the resources to make it great and therefore it will be!

We are so thankful for all the incredible support from our families, friends and strangers that have now become friends. I don't know what we'd do without all of the support. You all are just so amazing. Thank you for everything!!
=) Jessica

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