Friday, May 6, 2011


So first we get to go outpatient on Monday and now we have vehicle to go around town in. I went to the Yellow Ribbon Fund and rented a car to discover the only thing they rent is PT Cruisers. They doors do not open wide enough for Chaz to get his wheelchair close enough to the seat so we have to use a transfer board. So we weren't going off campus very much because it was just too much trouble. Chaz only has one weight bearing arm so that made it even harder to get in and out of the car.

There's an organization here that takes your VA adaptive car grant and goes to Dodge and gets you a new Dodge Caravan that is fully handicap assessible and adapted. You can check them out at and read all about everything they do. The van costs us nothing, we simply give them the grant. Pretty awesome, huh?! So the day we did our interview was the same day Dr Oz came to visit us. Our rep for the organization is Laurie, who is such a great lady! We found out that she actually recorded me talking to Dr Oz. She said she was just amazed at my positivity and could tell we were reaching straight through to Dr Oz. She took that video to her meeting and they unanimously decided to help us with the van. We were in shock that we were approved so fast! The sad thing is, I have no idea what I said to Dr Oz that was so inspirational. I was just running my mouth!
So once you get approved the company that equips the vans gives you rental to drive so you can get comfortable with the design. Well I called Monday about the rental and they didn't have any available. Then Laurie calls to tell us we were approved and wanted to know about the rental. I told her none were available. She replies with hang on your girls are coming and that PT cruiser will not work. I tell her I know but we'll make it work. She says no way let me make a call. So yesterday afternoon we get a phone that the van is on it's way!!!!!
Of course we have to take it for a drive, duh?! We ran to the store to get a few things. I double click a button and the door opens and the ramp comes down. Chaz absolutely loved being able to use his powerchair and was able to zip up the ramp lock his brakes, put on a seat belt and let me drive. Then he zipped back down and got to go into the store and pick out his own stuff. How amazing is it that the people here care so much about our families that they help us get all of our freedom back?! It is going to be several more days before Chaz can be on his legs full time. But now we have the ability to go anywhere as a family and not be hindered. Wahoo!!!!
Today when you pray please give glory to God for these amazing people and organizations who care so much about our soliders and our families. Now today Chaz will get to go to the airport with me to get my mom and the girls. His mom had to take a later flight and we'll be having dinner at the Dutch Embassy when she lands. We have our LNO going to grab her. But we'll all get to the Fisher House at the same time this evening. We are going to have one great weekend!!!!
Have a great day!!!
=) Jessica

Our Rental Van! Thank you Ride Away!

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