Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

So we've been a little busy with all this in and out processing stuff. So I just now realized I forgot to write up our Mother's Day weekend. We had the best weekend. Thanks to Cpt Phipps, our new friend Laurie and Ride-Away we got an amazing van to help us get around town. I simply double click a button and the door opens, a ramp comes down and Chaz drives up in the van in his power chair. I click another button and the ramp comes in and the door shuts, Chaz puts on his seat belt and we get to drive off. So Chaz got to go with me to pick up the girls and my mom from the airport. The van is so amazing I can't wait until we get our very own. Unfortunately Chaz's mom had to work that day so she had to take a later flight.
We grab my mom and the girls and headed back to the Fisher House to hang out for a few. Then we got ready to go to dinner with Aleethia at the Dutch Embassy. Unfortunately the bus was over an hour late so we skipped dinner. Chaz's mom was due in between 9-10 and because the bus was running late we would have not been home to meet her. Missing dinner turned out to be the best thing. Two of Chaz's friends from Ft Campbell showed up and got to have pizza with us and hang out for a bit. Then Nana showed up!! Our girls were so excited to have both grandmothers plus mom and dad for the weekend.
Saturday was birthday party prep time. I got up and made a ton of cupcakes. Then the girls frosted them all and my mom and I went to grab some hamburgers and hot dogs. At 1:30 Ms Margaret from Aleethia showed up with these huge fruit, veggie and cheese trays plus a dozen 2-liters, all the plates, cups, napkins and forks. She even brought two dozen goody bags for kids at the Fisher House and then presents for both of girls. She was so cute. She said Aleethia never gets to do things for the kids and they were a little excited that they could do this for our girls. It was so awesome. I was at a loss for words (shocking I know). Aleethia is just amazing!
Then our guests showed up. Our dear friend Tish brought that amazing cake and her daughter Sydney hand painted those rocking stringrays! Ryann loved her cake, she told me many times! Then we had friends from Ft Campbell show up. It was great to have a few pieces of home added to the party. Of course the Fisher House residents were here too. We've just become like a big family, so we're around for everything! We had a great simple party with great friends, great food and many laughs! Once again reminding Chaz and I how lucky we are! Later on I took a batch of cupcakes to the nurses at Ward 57. I made their day. They are just so thankful for anything you bring them.
Sunday we just enjoyed the beautful day. I put a rocking awesome roast on in the crockpot for dinner. And then we went to the Malogne House for a Mother's Day brunch. We had a nice quiet simple day with our moms and our girls. Chaz and I are so glad a friend planted the seed for the bring the moms up here plan. We both have missed our moms and really enjoyed spending time with them. It was a truly incredible weekend. It was simple and it was perfect. Chaz and I needed some quality family time without the hospital setting and we got it! It was long overdue and wonderful!
Have a great day!!
=) Jessica

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