Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To Our NEES Family

I serioulsy don't know how to say thank you to you all for everything you've done, but I am going to try. Thank you to all of you for helping our family get through all of this. Deryn and Ryann would not be as great as they are without all of your hugs, smiles and words of encouragement. I am so thankful that our girls were at NEES when this happened. You all just stepped right up and became mother hens and put your wings around our two cuties.
We do not know if we will be back in the fall or not. But when we do come back we will at least pop by and visit. Hopefully we'll get to come back sooner than later and we can all just move forward. I know we have your support when that time comes. Again thank you for everything and I hope we see you all sooner than later!
=) Jessica

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