Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our Memorial Day!

We are having our Memorial Day a day early. Under the advise of many people around here we are visiting Arlington today instead of tomorrow. We have been warned that half of our country will be there. Which is awesome, but crowds are not something we are totally fond of right now, so we are going today.

Chaz and I know how lucky we are that he only gave some, but some gave all. We must all take a moment to reflect on those who didn't come home. We have lost over 30 friends to the wars and even more acquaintances and friends of friends. Every military wife I know has lost someone or like me has lost a lot more than one. I no longer can go to the memorials at Campbell, it just became too hard. It just became too difficult to go every month and see how many guys we lost that time.

Today we are taking our girls to visit my friend Kristy's hubby Dave who was killed on September 11, 2007 in a helicopter crash. I had just met Dave days before his accident. But since the accident Kristy and I have become better friends. The other day I asked if we could go check on Dave for her and pay our respects. She told me that warmed her heart and absolutely we could. Since Chaz was injured she sent me several pep talk text messages, emails and calls to help me navigate through it all. Kristy is not only helpful she is inspiring. We are so lucky to have their family in our lives.

Our Deryn and their youngest son were in Kindergarten together. Deryn remembers Dave and remembers him being killed. Let me tell you, Chaz and I were not ready to have the what can happen to mommy and daddy talk while she was in Kindergarten. But we did and she remembers it. When Chaz was injured, Deryn even said, "But Daddy's not like Mr. Dave?" She was so happy to find out that Chaz was not like Mr Dave and like me realized we could handle anything else, because we still have our daddy. We know how lucky we are and will not take that for granted.

So this Sunday we are getting up a little bit earlier than normal and we are going to share the story of a great man with our girls. We are so blessed that we have been able to be apart of Kristy and the boys lives as they have moved on. We have just been a tiny part of their lives, but watching them heal and move on has touched ours. Although we never got a chance to really get to know Dave, we see him in his family. I can guarantee he was one awesome guy and I wish we had more time with him.

This weekend while you are grilling out and enjoying the freedom to do so, please take a moment to think about the people who protect you. While these men and women are deployed they function on little sleep and dodge bullets and IEDs more times then you want to count. They toss ruck sacks that weigh 50 pounds or more on their backs and walk for miles. Their diets are super crappy. They hardly ever get to take showers. Sometimes they don't get to call home for days or even weeks. If you will take a moment to be thankful that you have a cell phone to call whomever you want, whenever you want, then be thankful for your hot shower and the food you can choose to eat, you'll figure out that life is pretty damn great and there are some incredible people laying their lives down for you to enjoy those privileges.

If you will take a moment to be thankful for everything you have you will find that what ever battle you may be going through can be handled with patience and hope. God will see you through the storm just like he has done for my friend Kristy's family and our family. Just don't give up and remember you are so blessed to have so many people fighting for you and your family's freedoms.

Happy Memorial Day!!!
=) Jessica

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