Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chaz's Update - June21

Drain #1 was removed yesterday. Blood work revealed Chaz's kidneys are handling the antibiotic very well so infectious disease increased his does by 500mg. The Pic line team got his pic line in and that took a long time (they were training a new guy) but went very well. He received his first increase dose last night and his second dose this morning. Both went very well and he did not have a reaction.

Since he was able to get lots of rest this weekend he is feeling a lot better. So good in fact we'll be going out on pass as soon as they will let us today. We are waiting on drain #2 to clear up and then we'll be discharged. Home health has already been contacted so Chaz can be dismissed to me again. Since they trained me on his pic line for the first discharge, he will be discharged to me again and I'll care for his pic line and other medical needs. Home health will deliver our supplies and scripts to the Fisher House. Of course Chaz will still be going to WRAMC for appointments and therapies. Also the pic line tubing has to be changed once a week. I am not comfortable with doing that, so we'll go in or have home health take care of that piece for us.

We had another great day yesterday. We were visited by some great gentlemen and ladies yesterday. One from Sirius/XM radio, a Senator from FL, a Congressman from one of the Carolinas, and their staff members all hung out with us for a while. We highly enjoyed them. My apologies on not having their names. I left their cards in the hospital room and I am currently at the Fisher House. We were also visited by the Midwest City Chamber of Commerce from Oklahoma. By 5pm, we were beat. But it was a very, very good day. We are hoping Chaz will get cleared to go back to PT soon. We also hope that second drain comes out soon and they kick us out. We love Ward 57, but we'd rather be visitors instead of Chaz being a patient.

You now know all that we know! Keep us in your prayers. You can never have too many prayers going up, if you ask me! Thanks again for your support! I hope you all have a great day! I know we will!

Have a great day!
=) Jessica

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