Monday, June 27, 2011

Update - June 27

First of all let me assure you all that we are fine. I had so idea I would make so many people worry by not posting on facebook. Chaz and I have been getting re-accustomed to outpatient life. We (I guess really me) had a small run in with WTB. We are trying to obtain a more permanent place to live with the next 60 days. We've been catching up with some friends, I got MRSA and we are getting ready for the event at the Kennedy Center tonight. What a crazy week?! Let's hope this week is a lot easier.

Chaz is doing great. He has been able to get some real rest, because no one gets any rest in a hospital. The antibiotics make him sleepy still, but it is getting better. He began walking again Thursday. He noted that his back has less pressure on it, so we're wondering how long that pocket of fluid was there. Regardless, it's gone and he feels better. I am back to being his nurse, which Deryn informed me last night that she will take care of Daddy's pic line when she gets here. Ryann just wants to snuggle and she said he can give him his pills. So that's the Monday morning catch up on Chaz.

Now for WTB, WTB is the Warrior Transition Brigade. What that means is they are supposed to help the injured soldiers transition back into the Army or out to the civilian world. Notice the key words "supposed to". Here's our experience with WTB. If you are a nurse case manager, or if your rank is Captain, Master Sgt or above you are capable of doing your job. Anyone below that you have to constantly stay on top of 24/7. This is how I work. I can do your job, I just choose not to. When you do not do your job, your boss and I have a chit-chat to discuss your incompetency and then you will do your job or we will find someone else. What these soldiers are going through is enough. They do not need any additional crap or red tape to deal with and neither do the NMAs (non medical attendants) and family members. So do your freaking job and act like you care about these guys! When you are so complacent in your job that you have no compassion, it is time for a job change, just saying?!

When we arrived back at WRAMC one of Chaz's Sargents yelled at me over the phone for not signing him back in off of con leave at 8am. First you will not call my cell phone and yell at me over anything and think for one second your phone call is going to be successful. Second, Chaz signing a piece of magic paper to say he has returned is not my priority, his health is. So I very nicely told this guy he could sign the paper, or bring it to Chaz's room and Chaz could sign it later. Then I informed that Chaz was fine and thanks for asking (which he didn't by the way) and that he was going to surgery in a few minutes to remove the atomic bomb from his back and to have a great day. I guess that piece of paper was signed because I did not receive one text, email, phone call or visit until Chaz was getting discharged. The same guy showed up at 2 to let us know the nurses had not contacted him yet and that Chaz had to be out of the hospital by 3 because WTB doesn't work past 3. I quickly responded that we did not required their assistance to leave and then asked, "Are you talking about the nurses that were at the desk 10 feet away from you?" He then said yes. I quickly told him I would take care of that. I left him in the room with Chaz and went out to the nurses to ask them about Chaz's discharge. A few minutes later his Sargent followed me out and I said, "Awesome, you need to be here for this. Your failure to communicate with the nurses is not my problem. I am tired of being the only adult who can speak around here. I need to go sign for the van I rented for Chaz to get around town in. When I return, Chaz and I are leaving, You guys figure out how that is going to happen. I really don't care and I am tired of being your mediator. You don't pay me enough to do it." Our 101st LNO grabbed my arm and asked if I was ok and I told him no, that I needed air and a beer. So I left and signed for the van and vented to my Dad for a minute. When I returned I discovered our LNO had a very nice talk with Chaz's Sargent. I only wish I could have been there. We did leave at 3 and we've been doing well ever since. I did get in trouble again on Thursday because I let Chaz sleep and he didn't call in at 730 to tell them he was alive (no I am not making that one up). The guy called me 9 times in 5 minutes, which I didn't even know was possible. I assured him he was alive and I chose to let him sleep since I am his NMA and rest and fluids are the best medicine. And yes Chaz has called everyday since.

Now as for the apartment, we met with the Fairy Godmother of WRAMC Friday and I believe we'll be in our apartment soon. I really hope we'll have a date soon. WTB didn't even put us on the list until the end of May, UGH! But it will get done, trust me! Major Crum (our nurse case manager who is freaking awesome) is making sure we get an apartment asap. Once again proving my theory about rank and the WTB.

We are so blessed to have such great friends and we have really enjoyed catching up with everyone. We have even more catch up dates ahead. I am so happy we have been able to do this. We miss our Clarksville peeps, but at least we've been able to make some great new friends here as well. It helps us not miss home so much!

I really don't know if I have MRSA or not. I am not patient enough to wait for test results. Chaz has had MRSA for long time and I am not willing to risk my health. I have a bump that presents like MRSA, a spider bite, an ingrown hair, a zit or a boil. All I know is it's gross and hurts. We all agreed I can't play it safe enough so antibiotics it is folks! I feel fine. I have been tired all week, but how could you not be when you are dealing with everything we NMAs go through.

Tonight Chaz and I are both speaking at the Kennedy Center. I have been asked to tell my story. Chaz is just going to say thanks to the trust. Yes I am super nervous, hello it's the Kennedy Center. But it is time people understand a little more about we wives go through. Unfortunately you do not know what we go through unless you have someone you know directly effected. I do not know why they chose me to do this. They told me it's because they want someone honest who smiles at the same time. Don't worry I'll give a full report tomorrow. Just please pray for us. Never less, we are going to enjoy every minute of tonight and soak it in. The Wounded Warriors Trust has some really great plans and they are just getting started. I'll write more about this later too!

Time to go attack Monday! Chaz has appointments and I have a bunch of phone calls to make! Hope you all have a great Monday.
=) Jessica

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