Friday, June 17, 2011

Jon Stewart and Other Visits

Yesterday was such a great day! Chaz felt great and we had so many people swing by our room I was questioned by security that evening. Our day started off with reuniting with some of our favorite nurses and staff. Then in comes our LNOs and Dick Winters. The 101st crew is just another addition to our family. They are amazing we love hanging out with them. Next up some great gentlemen from the Emerald Society of the DCFD. Chaz laughed with them forever. They were a hoot.

I went and grabbed lunch for everyone from the Fisher House. I made a pot of chili and cornbread. Nurses do not get enough pats on the back in our opinion so Chaz and I like to spoil them. Of course the cooking thing is Chaz's idea because he is not a fan of hospital food. Who can blame him right?! Regardless the nurses and staff enjoy it and we love taking care of them since they take such great care of us.

Our Fisher House friends, Laura and Leah, popped by to say hello. Then poof Howard from Executive Services appears with Jon Stewart, the USO crew, a guy who was having a concert at the Malogne House, and some guy who kind of creeped us all out who was plugging a movie. We still don't know who he is. Jon Stewart walks by my crock pot and says, "What is that awesome smell?" Chaz tells him I made chili for everyone. Jon looks at me with this pitiful look, looks at the chili, looks at me again. I then say, "Do you want some?" He says, "Seriously?" I say, "Heck yeah go for it." He grabs a bowl and spoon and digs in. Took one bite and says, "Dude this is some great stuff." Chaz says "Yeah the girl can cook." Of course at this moment I am 40 ft in the sky. We freaking love Jon Stewart! And there he is in front of me eating and loving my chili! WAHOO!! Then one of his guys disappears and reappears with movies for Chaz. We were both super excited about the new additions to our collection.

He hung out with us for awhile. We talked about Chaz's injuries, the girls, coming to New York and seeing his show, and then Jon and I had a side conversation about the IRS. He and I discussed that it is a bunch of crap that the average American cannot do their own taxes. We discussed how I run my business and talked about fixing the IRS. A girl can dream, right?!

Jon and his crew left us and went to visit others and then we got to meet two guys from the John F Kennedy warfare school. They were super cool. The aide, who's name I totally forgot, came to me later and complimented me on our strength and how he hoped he could be as strong as us if he was under similar circumstances. He was a really cool guy!

Then LT McCutcheon informs me she hasn't eaten yet and I can't have that, so I say oh I'll go get you a bowl. I come back out and said, "Hey Jon Stewart said he loved my chili. We need a pic of you and him and the chili" I didn't realize he was within ear shot of me. Jon Stewart then says, "Chili where?" He seriously came down the hall and tried to take her chili, it was hilarious. We convinced him to pose for a quick pic, which he was happy to do.

Things calmed down and I ran to get Chaz movies and food so I can cook again today. Chaz and I finally chilled out and caught up on the pretty freaking cool day we had! I love how amazing days can just happen! I know we have many more to come.
Hope you have an amazing day today!
=) Jessica

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