Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chaz & I Are Going Back to WRAMC - June 13

Yes you read that correctly. We are returning to WRAMC on Monday. Wednesday I recieved the call that Chaz's MRI revealed another pocket of fluid collecting in his back. Unfortunately it will have to be surgically removed. No Ft Campbell and Vandy are not viable options. Chaz needs to be back at WRAMC. So we will fly out on Monday morning.

Veterans Airlift Command will be picking us up in Clarksville and flying us into Maryland. MSGT Barnes is picking us up when we land and getting us back to WRAMC. We have to be at the hospital at 8am Tuesday morning to get admitted for Chaz's surgery. This is not a life threatening or Chaz would have been taken up there immediately. However this is something that needs to be dealt with asap.
Trust me we know this is fustrating. We were not happy about it, but we know this is what we need to do for Chaz. You can imagine the words that came out of my mouth when they told me, they weren't very nice at first. This little hiccup does not mean Walter Reed is incompetent. It is an absolutely amazing hospital. If the results would have come back sooner then they would not have let us leave. This is how it needed to happen. Our family needed to come home. We've had a week long vacation and we were over due for it. We are not upset about it anymore, actually we got over it within minutes of finding out. We are choosing to look on the bright side. We got to come home to that awesome homecoming, fundraiser, our families and our friends and we've had a lot of fun. Now we've got to get back to business a little sooner than we'd like, but we know it's best.
No, we do not know when we'll be back. But we do know we will get our 30 days back. This was WRAMC's error, not ours so they are reinstating our full 30 days of convalscent leave at a later date. Chaz and I are excited about that. We got to come home have an incredible visit and chill out with our kids in our house and we know that within the next few months we'll get to do it again! Next time we will not leave until they run every test possible to make sure we don't have to go through this again. We hope that we can go back to WRAMC clear up this gunk in his back and get his new set of legs and make him a little taller. Also a bright side is when we get back it will be a little cooler and we'll be able to go and do more. Chaz should also have more practice with his legs and should be walking even more. Everything happens for a reason and in time we'll know why we have to go through all of this. Chaz's health is number one right now and WRAMC is the best place for him without a doubt.

We have decided to leave the girls in TN with my mom. Chaz will be back as an inpatient and we do not know how long. Hospitals are not good places for adults much less children so we decided the girls should stay here and enjoy their summer with their friends rather than being bored at WRAMC and waiting, waiting, waiting. I am blessed with one amazing mom. As soon as I told her she immediately came to the rescue for us. I do not know when I will bring the girls back to DC. I am going to wait and see what is going on with Chaz and wait until he's ready for them to come back. He and I agree they should enjoy their summer with their friends. My mom can provide that for them. Right now Chaz and I have to stay focused on his health. It is really hard to focus on Chaz when the girls want to go, go, go. They should be able to do that. It is not fair to them to be bogged down with all this. Chaz and I want to let them be kids. They've had to grow up enough already. We refuse to let this effect their childhoods. Don't get me wrong it will kill us to board that plane without them, but we know we are doing what is best for them.

We ask that you please respect our decisions and please give us space this weekend. Chaz and I just want to enjoy our girls before we have to leave them behind again. To me, the best decisions are usually the hardest ones. These decisions have come with many tears, but before we know in time this too will pass. We just have another little hiccup to get past. It probably won't be our last and it is a little one. We have to be thankful for what we have and for what will come. We are already passed 4 months in this journey and look at what we've already accomplished! More great things are in store for us. We will see you when we return. Please, please, please continue to pray for our family. Your prayers and support are what gets us through this journey.
=) Jess

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