Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's Going On...

So we were asked to come back to WRAMC yesterday and report to Ortho at 8am this morning. Of course we get there and no one knew why we were there. Turns out only one Dr was tracking what is going on with Chaz. (This would be the mythical Dr Gordon, who we have failed to meet yet, so I will continue to refer to him as the Wizard of Oz.) He failed to share Chaz's info with the other ortho docs. So after over 2 hours of everyone trying to figure out what is going on, we go to wound care to get the wonderful Kara involved. We went back to Ortho and made plans to return at 12:30.

We go back at 12:30 and find out the rest of the Ortho team had finally been updated. So here's where we are. Chaz has a pocket of fluid in his back that is not going anywhere. For a while now he has had an open wound on his back and one on his groin. Those are fine but the one on his back is draining and has pus coming out of it. The pus showed that it is carrying some type of staph infection, but not MRSA or e-coli. He had both e-coli and MRSA in the past, so WRAMC is watching closely for that. The team has decided that fluid on his back could have the same staph germ and if it pops that could spell disaster. The solution, they are going in tomorrow morning and removing it and looking at the rest of his back and get this stuff under control. The MRI also showed a possible infection on his left hip. They are going to look at it as well. However his new X rays today showed nothing on his hip, so Dr Strauss and Dr Tracy (who will be in there operating on him) do not see his hip being an issue.

Chaz will be readmitted to Ward 57 at 3 today. His surgery is tomorrow morning. He is 3rd case which means they'll take him down about 7am and I'll see him after lunch sometime. He will stay in the hospital for about 1-2 weeks. Of course this all depends on how he heals and what they find tomorrow. Please know every medical procedure is a serious matter, but this one is not life-threatening. This is simply a hiccup that needs to be gotten under control as soon as possible. Chaz's docs and nurses are wonderful and they've got this. He will be up and moving again very, very soon. We ask that you please pray for these doctors and nurses so God blesses them even more. We ask that you pray for Chaz, that he will have a easy surgery and an even easier recovery.

Have a great day!
=) Jessica

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