Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Day!!

I've had many people ask me what goes on now that we're home and away from the hospital. So here's goes.
I still get up at 6, I doubt that will ever change. I shower and then consume my first delicious Chai for the day. Then I go upstairs to set the bathroom up for Chaz for when he gets up. I also make sure his wheelchair, legs, shower chair, clothes and what ever else he may need are within reach. Once he is up and moving I give him his am meds and check and change the bandages on his open wounds. Then we get his legs on and I walk down the stairs in front of him. Then I run back up stairs for his wheelchair so that way it is down stairs when he needs it. We then figure out what has to be done for the day. We squeeze in his PT and OT thorughout the day so I can now add those to my medical resume!
Chaz stays on the bottom level all day and jumps to the couch if he needs to take a nap or just to stretch out. De or Ry get his afternoon meds for him and help me make sure he has everything he needs. Around 8 or 9 we get ready to make the journey up. The girls help me put his legs back on, if they're not already on, and then they help me gather anything he may need to go up with him. The girls usually race to the top of the stairs to watch him walk up and I walk up right behind him to ensure he doesn't lose his balance. My two cute assistants help me get Chaz's bedtime meds and the wound care supplies. Then we all pile up in the bed and watch TV and snuggle.
Let me assure you, everything we have to do is not fun, but we make it as fun as possible. Chaz and I truly enjoy that De likes to show her Daddy off. The other day she told her friend, "Look at my Dad walk down the stairs, isn't he so great at it?" He and I highly enjoyed that one. We are very happy that the girls are making the best out of this too. We involve them in as much as possible and they enjoy being Daddy's little nurses.
Have a great day!
=) Jessica

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