Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 17 Surgery & Visit

We got the heads up a few days ago the Obama was coming when Executive Services asked for my social, birth date and other information. We did not know it was Friday until Thursday. We were told Chaz was having surgery Friday on Wednesday. Chaz's surgery is way more important than any visitor. We did try to get him in early or later, but we didn't have any luck. Chaz told me that it would be nice to meet Obama but he really didn't care and trust me Chaz didn't. I got Obama to sign his flag and I got him a challenge coin so Chaz was very happy yesterday. He was even more happy to have his lasagna when he got back to the room.

The OR called for Chaz about 2 hours before Obama arrived. I was in his room reading when I got called down the hall so the bomb dog could do his sweep and so we could be searched. You'll be happy to know the secret service does an excellent job and they are very nice. Then we were sent back to our rooms. Before Obama came to the floor we had to shut all of our doors. They didn't want him to be distracted. So I sat and read.

Ward 57's OIC (Officer in charge) Col Cassella almost made me cry before the President walked in. He said, "Sir, I know you like to meet the soldiers, but SSGT Allen is in surgery. His wife is here waiting on him and we told her to stay. Sir you will love Mrs. Allen as much as we do. She is such a delightful spirit. She constantly takes care of our nurses, which is very rare and she is setting the bar for wounded warrior wives." I heard him speak and thought holy crap, he's talking about me. Then before I could think another thought in walks Obama. I hear, "Jessica, I hear you are setting the bar for the wounded warrior wives." I said, "I heard that too, sir." I go to shake his hand and he says "Oh no I get a hug. I've heard from more than one source how great you have been." So I got a very big hug from President Obama. He then asked me how we were doing, asked if I needed anything and asked if I wanted to ask him anything. I told him, "I just want you to tell your wife thank you for everything she is trying to do for the military wives. Many people have talked the talk, but your wife is walking the walk. I've been doing this for 13 years now and your wife is a breath of fresh air." He then informed me that it's wives like me who she is targeting.

Obama then gave me a coin for Chaz and I asked him to sign the flag. Then he says, "I forgot to ask, do you have kids." Of course I tell him, "We haev two girls, Deryn is 8 and Ryann is 6". He then says, "Well we've got something else in common." He then says "Darien." I said "No sir Deryn." He says, "Darien is my assistant. Darien, make sure the Allen family gets a real tour of the White House." So there is hope for the rest of my crew to meet the first family.

Obama leaves the floor and I dart out of the hall to see about Chaz. He was still in surgery. So I went back to wait. Finally we got the call he was in recovery but they were going to keep him because his heart rate was high. My comment was well let's see you haven't let him eat of drink since midnight. I like to point out the obvious. So finally the gave him something to eat and some water and his heart rate went down. I love common sense medicine.

He got back up to the floor before 5 and of course was starving. The nurses had already eaten the lasagna, but left more that enough for us and I waited on him for dinner and we finally got to catch up. Yesterday was the longest I have been away from Chaz in a while so it was really weird and lonely. We had our little dinner date and then watched a movie on my laptop. He told me his favorite part was the great picture of me and Obama. He said at least one of us got to meet him, rather than neither of us.

Chaz's back looks very good. The doctors are pretty sure they got it all. They will be drawing blood everyday for the next few days to see how everything is working. His pic line will be going in today. That will be great because it only means one stick of the needle and he's done, rather than one stick every time they want some blood. Dr Stauss is very confident that this is the last surgery on his back for this incident. Infectious disease is very happy because they have so many samples they can really figure out what they are dealing with. Chaz still has 2 drains in, but at least one will come out Monday. He will remain on IV antiboditics for 6 to 8 weeks and then the pic line will come back out and hopefully we can try to go home again. Hopefully Monday we will get him up and moving and back on the road we were on. We had our road side stop and now it's time to get back to it.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We are almost through this hiccup, but we wouldn't be able to be this far without all of your prayers and support. Again thank you for everything.
Have a great day! =) Jessica

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