Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 15 Surgery

Chaz's surgery went really well. It took longer than expected because the infection had almost doubled in size and was very close to his spine and had gotten into his muscles. Dr Gordon (who I finally met and is super cool) and Dr Strauss are very confident they got it all. To make sure the attack is started off right they placed antibiotic beads in muscles which will also help his back heal. He also has 2 drains in his back as well.

Chaz will be going back to surgery Friday morning to make sure everything looks good and hopefully they will take him down to one drain or maybe no drains. Only time will tell. They have also ramped up his antibiotics. Last night I got a good scare because he got "red man syndrome" from the IV antibiotics. To me it looked like an allergic reaction. My family and friends know how reactions scare me. Some of them have witnessed my reactions. I get to carry an epi-pen my reactions are no joke. So I flew out into the hall and grabbed the first nurse and made them come in there. Turns out his IV was too small and they had too much going through the little IV too fast. Within minutes of stopping the drug, his swelling and redness went away. Then they shot him up with benedryl, changed his IV site and tried the drug again at a lower rate. That was the trick, no reaction that time. We really want him to have this drug according to his doc. He is taking his morning dose now and did not have a reaction to this round.

They are ordering him a pic line today. For those who are like me and totally don't understand, that is a line that can stay in for a longer term and delivers the drug more effectively and also they can draw blood off of it, so that means fewer sticks for Chaz. He's already had one and I have had the training on it so when he's cleared from surgery, he'll be discharged back to me for home care. I'm telling you the Army should give me a nursing license. I have gained so much medical knowledge since Jan 22.

So that's where we are! He is doing very well. He slept most of yesterday, which is to be expected. He was so thankful rideaway got me another van because he wanted a pina colada slushie thing from taco bell. So guess where I went once the van was delivered?! Today I am cooking a pot of chili for him with some cornbread. He already order his pancakes from room service. The man has his appetite so that's a great thing. He looks really good. Yesterday he was a little swollen because they had him face down in surgery for so long. But this morning he looks normal and you can tell he's better. He was ordering me around first thing. He says his back still hurts, but that's to be expected. He says it doesn't hurt enough for extra drugs, which is awesome.

Luckily when I told Chaz about the awesome work of Q108 MSGT Barnes, who is joining Chaz in the run, was there. So he got to witness the surprise. Chaz had me repeat the total again. Then that was followed with "no way". I pulled up his website and showed him that total and then Gretchen's text messages. He said "Well I guess we need the bike guy in here and I need to get moving for this race." And that's why I love this man! That was exactly what he needed to wake up to! Then the nurses came in to ask me if I had told him yet. Once I said yes they came in to tell them they are running with him. Pretty freaking great way to end the day, huh?!

Thank you again for all your text messages, email and facebook posts of support! They made my day a lot easier. Thank you for supporting us on our journey. God bless you all!
=) Jessica

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