Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chaz's Update - June 19

Chaz is doing very well. His back is sore and the antibiotics make him sleepy. Other than that, he is doing really well. Captain Cody came in this morning and told us that once the drains are clean then they'll remove them and then Chaz should be discharged shortly after that. The drains could be clear any day now so we are back playing the waiting game. Cody was very happy with how everything is looking. Chaz will still remain on the IV antibiotics for 6-8 weeks. But he should be done with surgery for a while.

We are so thankful for the staff of Ward 57 and WRAMC. These awesome people make everything so much easier. You know you can get through anything when you have awesome people on your team. We definitely have that.

I am going to get Chaz his favorite meal from Panera and get him a movie to watch to kill some more time.
We hope you all have a great Father's Day!
=) Jessica

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