Friday, July 8, 2011

What people say?!

Everyday someone calls us amazing, incredible or outstanding. Chaz and I just don't see it. We just get up everyday and do what we need to do to get closer to going home for good.

We had a long talk with our social worker yesterday. She said she loves talking to us because we are a breath of fresh air. She is not the first person to tell us this. I couldn't tell you how many people have told us that. If we are a breath of fresh air, then I don't want to meet the rest of her patients. Chaz and I have other wounded warriors families we hang around and they are like us. We all just want to heal and move on. Obviously we all have different social workers (there are several here), but I can't help but wonder how everyone else handles this.

My closest friends accuse me of being in a happy bubble all the time. Seriously I like it in my happy bubble, and I plan to stay there. In my bubble, everyone gets married until death do you part, they love their children, they read to them every night and cuddle them. People help each other without expectations to receive anything in return. Friends are friends forever and they are there when you need them. People pay everything forward. So this is how we live and in my happy bubble this is how it should be. I know that it isn't always that way, but the world is a great place and my happy bubble makes it even better. I don't plan to pop my happy bubble anytime soon and I seriously dare someone to try to pop it!

So Chaz and I are a little different, but what is so amazing about us?! We get up everyday and do whatever needs to be done to help him heal and to help our little family move on. What is so extraordinary about that?! We do have our pity parties, they are just few and far between. We handle our issues head on and communicate our problems with each other and with what ever may be going on. We are not perfect, just optimistic. Chaz and I are just so thankful he's still with us. Chaz could be so much worse off than he is. When you focus on the small blessings in front of you then everything gets easier. I wake up thankful that I have one more day, then I am thankful I can see and hear, that I have a great husband, kids, family and friends. When things don't go my way, I take inventory on what I do have and suddenly things become so much easier.

We do appreciate the compliments. I guess we just don't understand what we are doing that is so amazing. To us, it's just healing. One thing is for sure everyone's support makes this journey so much easier. Thank you for all your support!
=) Jessica

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