Wednesday, July 27, 2011

American Girl Call

Our girls have been through a lot, I know this is not a news flash. Chaz gave them their first American Girl dolls when he came home on R&R back in October as their Daddy will be missing every holiday and birthday, love you so much gift. We like to surprise them and reward them with things for their good behavior. just like every other good parent out there.

I placed an order with on July 20. Well the other day, I went to check on it's progress and notice the line on the shipping address was missing Fisher House Rm 9 on it. I only have things shipped here that come via Fedex or UPS. USPS is a mess here. You can send things out but good luck trying to get them into us that way! So since AG ships via FedEx I ordered the girls some new goodies. When I noticed they didn't have the Fisher House line on there I immediately called them and brought it to their attention. The lady who answered didn't really seem to care that the line was missing. So then I said look without that Fisher House line you are sending our daughters' goodies to the black hole. It will sit here and then get mailed back to you. Would you want that for your daughters?! She said that it would get to me and that I was worried over nothing. I asked her if she even knew what Walter Reed was and she said no. I said well it's a pretty freaking big hospital and you can't just send something to Jessica Allen at Walter Reed. That's like sending something to someone in a city you have to be more specific. So after arguing back and forth finally she said she would call it to someone's attention and it should be resolved. I said should be isn't good enough. I am sorry we need it resolved. She very flippantly said, "All I can do is pass it along and hope it works." I said wow, you pride your self on customer service huh? I thanked her for her time and got off the phone with her.

Chaz asked what was going on and I told him and then I told him that I would just call back and try again. So I called the next day and got someone else who was a lot nicer and I guess actually liked her job, because she was very helpful and said she would pass the message along. Then a few hours the phone rings and it's someone from American Girl. She said someone had notified her of issue. The lady I had previously spoke to had told this lady to look closely at the address. The lady said she was calling because it dawned on them that we were at Walter Reed and what that meant. She called to see if their hutches were correct. I told her they were. She was so nice and told me that the people at American Girl wanted to let us know that they were resolving the address issue. She also was calling to let me know they were all praying for our family and she wanted to know if there was anything American Girl could do for us. How freaking nice is that?! I told her their prayers were enough and told her how they can keep track of us. I am so glad I called back and got someone else!

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