Friday, July 8, 2011

July 2 Update

Chaz is doing very well. He is back to the normal we had before his two surgeries. Since he had 8 days off from his legs he had a little difficulty when he put his legs back on, but as you saw in the pictures after a few steps he was good to go. His carbon fiber sockets for his legs arrive on Wednesday. This is very exciting. The carbon fiber is more comfortable. All amputees have to have a plastic socket first because the plastic can be manipulated so easily. Your legs shrink a lot after they have been amputated. So the plastic is necessary during the first stages of your development. Chaz's legs have remained the same size for quite a while so no he's ready for carbon fiber. Chaz is pumped! Next step is making him taller, which will hopefully happen soon as well.

Chaz's blood test results showed that the antibiotics are doing their job. So he will remain at 2000mg of vancomycin (I know I misspelled it, but you get the idea) twice a day. I am administering the drugs via his Pic line. He has finally adjusted to it so it doesn't make him sleepy anymore, so he can move on with his day. He has to go to infectious disease once a week to have blood drawn and check those levels. We have to hope that this dosage will continue to work. If not he will have to begin getting getting it every 8 hours instead of every 12. As of today he has 5 weeks left of that treatment. We are trying to come back to TN around mid-August.

Hopefully we'll get word on going back home and getting the apartment next week. We got rid of that little hiccup we had and we are now back on the road to healing. We hope you have a great 4th!!!!

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