Friday, July 8, 2011

Thinking about today- July 4th

My closest circle of friends know that the American Revolution is my favorite time frame of history. So this morning I can't help but smile because over 200 years ago some amazing people stood up and said this is it England and the rest of the world, we are free, what are you going to do about it cause we are ready to fight. And we did fight and we won our independence and we have been rocking out every since.

We live in such a wonderful country. Every where you look there is something to be thankful for. If it wasn't for all of the Americans before us and the Americans fighting for us now we wouldn't be able to celebrate what we have. We all have so much to celebrate. When you begin to take stock in what we have the joy will overwhelm you and you will have a much better day. So take a minute and be thankful for all this great country provides for you.

Our little family was dealt an incredibly hard blow this year. But we are thankful everyday for what we have and what will come. The enemy may have tried to defeat us, but my husband, like so many other patriots before him and like those fighting now refuse to be defeated. They have refused to let that enemy win. I am not just talking about the enemies of war; I am also talking about the enemies everywhere. These wounded warriors could be defeated by viruses, depression, their injuries and so much more. Instead they get up everyday and continue to fight for their independence from their injuries. They now are fighting to obtain that new normal. These wounded warriors, like my husband, are making all veterans and Americans before them smile down from heaven upon them. I could not be more thankful for the sacrifices of all of these great men and women. And I could not be more grateful to be married to such an amazing person.

So today raise your glass, alcoholic or not, and toast those who made and keep making this day possible. Most importantly smile today because someone cared enough about you to fight for our independence and that we still have those incredible people fighting to protect you and your freedoms. Happy 4th!!!!
=) Jessica

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