Friday, July 15, 2011

Amazing Non-Profits with Such Amazing People

Last night at the Congressional Cupcake Wars we got to help represent Fisher House. It was such an honor. The owners of Sprinkles donated $10,000 to Fisher House and Chaz and I were able to thank them for military families everywhere. I know Charles and Candice (owners of Sprinkles) enjoyed seeing exactly where that money goes. I know I always like seeing my donations at work.

I truly enjoyed talking to the Congresspersons, news reporters and everyone else about how awesome Fisher House has been to us. Chaz and I will forever be grateful for our room at Fisher and all the plane tickets provided by Hero Miles to help me and the girls get back and forth between TN and DC. If it wasn't for Hero Miles our plan of one week in DC, one week in TN may not have worked out so well. We are so thankful that if Fisher House wanted us to go anywhere and speak on their behalf we'd do it in a heart beat! I just can't believe one year ago I was taking my Girl Scouts on a tour of the Ft Campbell Fisher House and now we live in one. Chaz and I still can't believe Q108 in Clarksville helped Chaz raise $10,000 so he can bike the Army Ten Miler. We are both so excited that so many people are behind Chaz and Fisher House. It's just amazing!

Fisher House is probably the most well known, but we are also thankful for Operation Troop Aid, Help Our Military Heroes, Operation Ward 57, Operation Second Chance, the Walter Reed Society, Operation Homefront, The Yellow Ribbon Fund and the Wounded Warriors' Trust. All of these great 501s have helped us in some type of capacity. The common denominator for all these organizations is the terrifically amazing people who run and operate them. The people who make these organizations work all just want to help our military. They just want to thank everyone in the military for their service and they want to do anything little or big to bring smiles to the faces of the wounded warriors and their families. These organizations don't just focus on the wounded, they focus on all the the soldiers across the branches.

There are so many wounded warriors and our families and unfortunately the Army just doesn't have the funds to help us in every aspect. That's where all these great organizations step in. They bridge that gap to help us have that continuity of care that is necessary for healing. It is these organizations that make the war we are fighting so much easier. These organizations are not looking for thanks, they do it because they know it is necessary. We have been told more than once to stop saying thank you, but that will not ever happen. We are too thankful for all the blessings we have received while we are on this journey.

One thing is for sure I am so glad that our girls can witness all of this. They are learning the lessons of community, compassion and so much more. They will learn this is a big, big world and we have to help each other through so times. When we help each other the world is such a better place. These are such important lessons for them to learn and they are learning the best way possible.

Chaz and I just want to say thanks to all the other organizations we have and haven't encountered yet. We know you are all out there and that you are also fighting the fight with us. We ask that you all keep up the great work. You have no idea how inspiring you all are. You have no idea how huge your impact on all of these families is. Thank you all for your hard work!

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  1. We are not amazing. What is amazing are the families like yours who cross our paths. Each warrior and each family we interact with has a profound affect on us. Our interactions with each family and soldier allow us to do our job better for every soldier and family that we meet after. We are who we are because of people like you and Chaz.