Friday, March 30, 2012

End of March Update!

We've had a great week hanging out with my sister and her family. I have come to realize I have become a pretty good DC tour guide. Chaz and I still had to attend some meetings and appointments, but we managed to sneak in a lot of fun!!

Sunday we went to brunch with the Yellow Ribbon Fund and then went to the Smithsonian of Air and Space. Monday Chaz and I had to hang at the hospital all day thanks to meetings, appointments and classes. So we had family chill out day that evening. Tuesday Chaz went to check on his new legs and I caught up on work. That evening we divided up. Our great friend Laura came to watch our girls and my sister's youngest boy. Chaz took my sister's hubby and oldest son to the Motion Picture Association's premier of Wrath of the Titans. My sister and I joined several other wounded warriors and caregivers at the Armed Forces Foundation Gala. We got to meet Ron White and Adam from Man vs Food. Our table was filled with lots of smiles and laughs all night.

Wednesday Representative Scott Desjarlais' staff met us and gave us a great tour of Congress. We then went and had lunch at the roof top cafeteria in the Madison building of the Library of Congress. We had to get back so I could take the cuties to their Medal day at gymnastics. After dinner, I took my sister and her hubby on the night time tour of DC. Chaz and the girls have already done it and my nephews just wanted to hang back and play. Chaz had been at the hospital all day so he was fine with just hanging out with the kids.

Thursday we had to say good-bye and get back to normal. Chaz and I had lunch with CSM Schroeder ad MSGT Barnes from the 101st. We came home and I went to caregiver's night out put on by the Yellow Ribbon Fund. I always love Caregiver's night out. I just love hanging with my fellow caregivers. I am blessed to know so many great women and I love sharing resources and stories with them.

The best part of this week was when Chaz got his new legs!!! I think they look like something straight out of Robocob. But I absolutely love seeing him stand up and walk around at any time. He seemed to be able to get up more easily with these and seemed to walk a little better too. Chaz's prosthetic adviser thinks that after the surgeries these legs will be the perfect fit for Chaz. So far he really likes them. Once we return from TN, Chaz will have the first of two surgeries to have his bones cut back. Let me explain for those new to this world....

When you limbs are amputated, sometimes your bones continue to grow. This is what is going on with Chaz's legs. The bones in both of Chaz's legs have grown to the point that they will have to be cut back. We want to do the surgeries soon before the pain gets any worse. He says the pain is there but totally manageable so we are going to TN for a few weeks and then he'll have the first surgery when we return. He has chosen to do one at a time rather than both legs at the same time. But he is still doing awesome and these surgeries put him closer to being on those legs more often.

So long story short we're doing great and getting ready for a trip home!! Next week will be crazy, but it will be a great crazy!!

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